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To become cultural capital of Europe of Perm stir bad roads, a dirt and criminality high level

Marvellously this year opening « Perm economic   a forum » simple motorists have not noticed - stoppers from - for trains with visitors was not. Probably, from - for forum venues. Last year it was in tents on quay, in it is in Motovilihe in the exhibition centre « the Perm fair ».

In one of pavilions there sold the Perm souvenirs - not silvinitovyh bears, and mugs with an inscription « I love Perm » and red little men - the reduced copies of that sit in patrol on a roof of the regional government. The little man costs 1000 roubles. The people approached, examined headless, but before our eyes nobody bought.  

said, of course, that Perm wants to be cultural capital of Europe much.

- We understand all complexities of physical hit in this program, - the vice-president of the regional government Boris Milgram has told. - But movement in this direction can play very big role for a city and edge. As in that joke about a cock: « I will not reach, so I will be warmed ». Here we already, actually, have started to be heated.  

that should distinguish Perm - 2020 from Perm - 2010, has told business - director IRPGroup (the company developed the concept of hospitality for a city of Sochi) Svetlana Serebryakov . As she said, at Perm for today it is a lot of minuses. It and a dirt in streets, and above srednerossijskogo a crime rate, both bad roads, and the unmodern airport... To involve the tourists, all need to be changed it. And still - to establish much more street toilets, produblirovat indexes in foreign languages …  

- Fingers will not suffice at all of us if we want to list our problems, - the minister of culture of Prikamye Nikolay Novichkov has agreed with claims. - it is clear that to change a city at once it is impossible. Therefore in 2011 we have defined for ourselves the project « the White nights in Perm ». For June Perm will turn to cultural capital. We simply inton ourselves, as Napoleon Bonaparte has intoned itself the emperor.

- Employees of my ministry and mintorga, risking life, will go to all organisations of public catering of Perm to estimate quality of an offered product and to choose the festival partner, - Nikolay Novichkov has added.

When at a forum discussed culture, in edge Legislative Assembly discussed amendments to the budget. And deputies have refused to add financings to opera and ballet theatre . then, truth, all - taki was allocated with money.

Minister Novichkov, having learnt about it, has declared at a forum that as the guilty considers itself: time deputies have not understood, what for it is necessary to allocate money, means, minkult badly it has explained. But then from a place Marat Gelman has risen galerist and has declared that it is simple deputies at us such - instead of going from an industrial society to postindustrial, come back in the feudal. Therefore supposedly also finance culture by a residual principle.

- I that feudal deputy, - under the general laughter has told deputy ZS Andrey Agishev. Also has offered next time as - that to plant a forum and sessions of Zakosbranija that all people`s choices could poprisutstvovat and express the opinion.

- It is necessary for all to agree about uniform vision of the future city and to adhere to it during all time, - has advised the general director of the organisation « Vilnius - cultural capital of Europe » (This status at a city was in 2009) Elona Bajoriniene . A leah

it is possible in Perm, where disputes on « cultural » to questions do not cease the third year, - other question …