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« Winged » pictures have helped the Samara artist to return the car

One of these days in Detsko - youthful Club of the Author`s song the unusual exhibition has opened. Two ten pictures, and on everyone – winged beings. Elfy, the pigeons departing for clouds horses, angels. Authors of works – a married couple, Maria Peshkov and Alexey Davidov. Young artists well-known in Samara, Peter and Moscow as designers of books and authors of wall lists. Artists consider that them « winged » pictures will cheer up samartsam which were tired of long snow winter and tiresomely beginning spring.

– This winter we have found on a balcony podranennogo   a pigeon, – Maria speaks. –   tried to turn out the gatecrasher three times, took in a palm and let out. All three times it was developed and, hardly waving wings, flew back. We have marvelled to its persistence and have decided to leave a bird at myself, will not get stronger yet. And there was soon an idea to create a series « winged » pictures.

On one of pictures - elfy...
the Photo: Marias PESHKOVOJ. Look a photo gallery > > >

In an operating time over « winged » strange coincidence has occurred a series some.

Alexey is Literally a month before the beginning of work on pictures has got to accident. The car was not subject to restoration. While searched for the money, all family has fallen ill with a flu. Masha and Alexey have almost despaired -   money is not present, debts grow. But as soon as artists undertook brushes and on canvases there were images of angels, the black strip in their life has ended.

– the Old friend simply so has given money for the car, – Maria tells. – have there and then called from publishing house, have suggested to arrive behind the fee, next day to us have repaid for a long time the forgotten debt and all of us have very quickly recovered.

... On others angels adjoin to winged demons...
a photo: Marias PESHKOVOJ. Look a photo gallery > > >

Reflecting on a sudden strip of luck, artists have remembered one family legend:

– My great-grandmother as - that on spring had the same dream, &ndash three times; Maria tells. – the crying Birth-Giver of God.   soon they with the grandfather have caught an icon of this Birth-Giver of God in the spread small river. The great-grandfather has restored it. Since then it became the restorer of icons known on all Russia, and the great-grandmother –   the clairvoyant. She knew about people, a leah long at them will be life. I am afraid, as though its gift has not passed to me. Once I already expected misfortune which has occurred to the person.

... On the third - fantastic beings from perfect dreams.
a photo: Marias PESHKOVOJ. Look a photo gallery > > >


When: the Exhibition waits for visitors daily till May, 5th. An operating time with 10. 00 to 21. 00 daily.    

Where: to the address street Lukacheva, 42 (in area the Aeroplait).

the Price: the Input free.