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To large families of Penza have explained, how it is possible to improve living conditions

In our uneasy century few married couples dare to become parents of three and more children. But all - taki is in Penza and those who is not afraid of complexities. The state renders to such families the special help. However not all know about where for it to be converted and on what on a broader scale it is possible to count.

Measures of social support explained to parents having many children at meeting specially organised for this purpose which have spent the assistant to the head of administration of a city of Penza Larissa Rjabihina, the chief of city Social management Sergey Volkov and the deputy chief of department of administration of Penza on distribution of municipal available housing of Valentine Lanchakova.

Two programs directed on improvement of living conditions of large families now operate. One of them provides the social payment which size fluctuates in limits from 1,5 to 3 million roubles. Having added on to this impressive sum own means, the families having of three and more children, can get apartment or construct the house. But in 2011 from 108 families which are standing in a queue on improvement of living conditions, only 33 have put in statements on participation in this program. The others are not capable to allocate yet own means for habitation purchase.

the Important factor is that the given program is financed from the municipal budget so, cannot improve simultaneously living conditions to a considerable quantity of the needing. The turn which order depends on date of statement of a large family on the account in local governments is formed. However annually by means of the allocated means house warming mark from 5 to 8 families.

to give support by for whom moving to spacious apartment while remains dream, in Penza one more program functions. It provides payment from the municipal budget of hiring of habitation of the sufficient area. For interested persons to become its participants there are special criteria. Not having own apartment and standing on the account in city administration the large family should pick up the premises responding the sanitary code independently.

- the apartment Area pays off so that on each member of a family it was necessary not less than 10 square metres, - Vladimir Volkov has explained. – also there should be a time check in. According to the current legislation of data on the proprietor of habitation we submit to tax inspection, therefore it is the extremely important, that he did fair business.

the Sum of expenses is compensated for premise rent. Now in Penza there are the families monthly receiving 10 - 13 thousand roubles on apartment payment.

Also the invited parents having many children could ask questions stirring them. For example, Irina Savin, mother of three children worried that participation in the second program automatically excludes a family from turn on reception of own habitation. Larissa Rjabihina has denied this fact.

- the Program which is giving the chance to indemnification of cost of rent of apartment, is created in addition and works in parallel with the first, - has explained the assistant to the head of administration of a city of Penza.

to have an opportunity to improve living conditions, parents having many children should not forget to be registered in local governments and in due time to pass a re-registration.

the Quantity of large families continuously grows in Penza. If in 2006 in a city 428 families with three and more children, for their today already 899 were. At an estimation of these results it is necessary to remember that at calculation those parents which age of children does not exceed 18 - ti years were considered only.

More the detail information can be received in department of realisation of target programs of Social city department of Penza to the address: street of Kuibyshev, 14 And, an office 2, ph. 52 - 43 - 51.


Larissa Rjabihina about a turn order on reception of payments