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Diana Vishnyova will dance with the French ballet

on April, 14th the prima ballerina of the Maryinsky Theater Diana Vishnyova will perform the main part in premier display of the French ballet Le Parc which is passing in frameworks of opening of XI International festival of ballet « Mariinsky ».

the Main theatrical platform of St.-Petersburg will show ballet « Park » (Le Parc) on Mozart`s music directed by the well-known French choreographer Anzhelena Prelzhokazha. This ballet was issued in 1994 on a scene of the Parisian opera and it is considered the most classical statement of Prelzhokazha known for the innovative experiences in ballet. In 1995 Le Parc has been awarded in Moscow prestigious award Benois de la danse then the European glory of the choreographer has begun. Now in the Parisian opera it is almost impossible to get tickets for performance Le Parc.

In 2010 within the limits of a Year of France to Russia and Russia to France Anzhelen Prelzhokazh came with tours to the Maryinsky Theater, and then to it the idea to put ballet with the Russian dancers has come. To day of a premiere on April, 14th ballet Le Parc will be presented for the first time by the Russian ballerina – the national actress of Russia Diana Vishnyova.