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Uljanovtsev the Ulyanovsk officials want for a long time already zatosovat

try to change outlook of inhabitants, trying to generate responsible proprietors. The authorities introduce institutes of seniors on houses and entrances. And recently agitate for creation of territorial public self-managements (TOSov).

- through such organisations citizens will have an opportunity officially to state the collective position on all questions of the local value mentioning given territory, - the assistant to the mayor, the head of the device Yury Chibisov has noted.

the order of formation TOSov For today is confirmed. According to officials, it became much easier. The initiative group of citizens in a court yard together with deputies, representatives of regional administrations defines, what houses are united « the general interests » that is need an accomplishment, want to create studio of singing or dances and potentially can operate together. Officials help people to generate borders TOSa. The initiative group organises   a descent of citizens to declare creation of the new organisation. After that it is necessary the demand goes to the Ulyanovsk Municipal duma which makes the decision on organisation creation. Will register them in Committee of housing and communal services and mayoralty ecology. Here it is possible to receive typical charter TOSa and the necessary information. By the way, in the near future in UGD will vote for formation 12 TOSov. On a broader scale, in 2011 officials count on occurrence of several tens such structures.

- TOSy today are created in territories where citizens show the greatest activity, - the chairman of Committee of housing and communal services and ecology of the mayoralty of Ulyanovsk Michael Sychev has continued. – they are formalized in the form of advice of houses. As a rule, here court yard, roads and sidewalks capitally are under repair. But work TOSov is not accented only on housing - municipal problems. It can be any questions. Carrying out of cultural or sports actions, creation of clubs on interests. And heads TOSov will have direct contacts to various officials, including the mayor. So problems should dare more operatively.

the Chief of department of interaction with territorial public management Ilya Nozhechkin has added that this year from city treasury means as indemnification for work to chairmen TOSov will be already allocated. To monthly such active workers plan to pay on five thousand roubles. Will not put payment of heads TOSov in the municipal tariff this year. Actually, officials do not name this sum the salary. According to representatives of the power, money – only a way of motivating of people.

Separately it is necessary to tell and about how work TOSov will be under construction. Having « in friends » The first persons of a city, it is not necessary to think that all questions begin to dare on a call to the mayor or the chairman of Committee of housing and communal services. It is necessary to adjust system activity. That is, for example, in time to include this or that broken road or the house in the program on repair. It is necessary to add that officials intend TOSam to give out grants. Definitively with the sum were not defined yet. But it will be impressive.


Vasily of COURT YARD, the sanitary technician.

- I Consider that questions of an accomplishment of court yard, opening of circles, the organisation subbotnikov should be engaged officials. I have recently an impression that the power as though removes from itself a number of the duties and shifts them on ordinary citizens. A pier, the roof in any house has begun to flow, people are guilty, have not traced work of the management company. Only citizens after all also on bread and butter are urged to earn, and children to raise, and on the house something to do.


Alevtina PETROV, the pensioner.

- Will suffice to wait that someone will come and will make our city better and more purely. Much depends on the concrete person. If there is a desire to put in order the court yard, the house, Ulyanovsk it is necessary not to be idle, and to operate. Only in this case it will be possible to change a situation. It is assured that at TOSov   the big future.