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The fan of painting from Poland has decided to marry a picture

37 - summer Pole Tomash Urinovich is so enamoured of painting that has decided to marry a picture got by it still 10 years ago! And this has begun « a love story » in 2001 - m to year when he has visited art gallery in region of Poland It is new - Huta.

At an exhibition of Tomash Anthony Maria Kvejka, written in 1955 - m has been fascinated to year by work of the artist. On a cloth the perfect young brunette with a basket in the hands, full of snow-white linen is represented.

the Man, without deliberating, has bought a picture and has decided to find the girl represented on it. « I tried to find it. Thought, someone from neighbours can or the artist know, where it now. Simply wanted to meet it, to drink on a coffee cup, to chat. It is interesting to me, as she lives and than is engaged » - quotes Tomasha zigonet. com.

But after 10 years of vain searches of Tomash has made rather unusual decision. Having realised that never can find true love of all life, namely that girl with a linen basket, he has decided to marry … in a picture. Now he searches for the priest who would agree to marry them.

« I do not know, a leah it is possible to make it under laws of Poland. But if here it will not turn out, I will find a place where a smog on it to marry! » - the enamoured has shared the plans for the future.