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In Volgograd the daughter and the son accuse onkodispanser of death of mother from - for medical errors

Two statements -   from the son and from the daughter – have entered Investigatory committee of the Volgograd region this weeks. They are written literally under a carbon paper. Events,   about which inhabitants of Volgograd speak, occurred in 2008. Their mother has got to an oncological clinic. The woman have directed on operation – it had a kidney cancer. But, according to children, the patient have removed healthy body, and amazed metastasises have left. Volgogradka has died on an operational table. In medical certificate physicians have specified a cause of death – warm insufficiency, heart simply has not sustained. But the family has disagreed with such conclusions. They have written applications that mother have deprived of a healthy kidney, therefore and there has come death.

- Now all circumstances of destruction of their mother will be found out by inspectors of Dzerzhinsky area. After remedial check the question on criminal case excitation,   will be solved; - has told Maria Maksimova, and. An island of the assistant on mass-media of head SK the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region.