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Roundabout Kirov will halve settlement and will pass on 81 garden site

Today, on July, 20th, in a city administration of Kirov have discussed the Western detour. The customer of the project   - road committee, developers - the Nizhniy Novgorod firm « giprodornii » and Kirov « Kirovproekt » and also the chief of department of a city architecture Irina Rubtsova have told about how the project taking into account last remarks kirovchan has changed. And also have listened to new offers of townsmen.

So, after last hearings which have passed in the end of 2010, have decided not to do an outcome connecting street Moscow and roundabout. Instead of it have decided to construct usual congress with roundabout on street Moscow and more one - towards settlement Sadakovsky. And under the initial plan the new road would pass on company fields « Krasnogorsky » and on territory where building of new inhabited microdistrict « is planned; Urvantsevo ».

the ending point of new road Also has changed. It leaves to a line Kirov - Sovetsk - Jaransk to the south, than planned at first. Was necessary to change the project because differently the road has gone on the agricultural earths.

But under the new project the road crosses settlement Sedunovshchina, as though halving it. And if to consider that the line is planned high speed to live in settlement from such innovations begins not so pleasantly.

Also under the new project the road passes on 81 - mu to the ground area. Some of them are used by gardeners, on any there are garden small houses. On an idea of designers all these sites will redeem at owners and to give out them indemnification for property. However, when it happens, and the main thing, on what means, is not clear yet as also the project yet has not taken place all coordination.

- Kirovchane can familiarise in details with the project, having converted to us, into architecture management, - Irina Rubtsova has assured the chief of department.