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In Buryatiya flash brutselleza at cows

Infected with the illness extremely dangerous to people is registered have found out on one of farms in village Petropavlovka of Bichursky area of republic. Illness have revealed at standard planned inspection of animals. It has appeared, 35 cows are sick.  

the Buryat management of Rosselhoznadzora has inspected, which has fixed attempt to conceal the information on disease.

For disease concealment the veterinary surgeon of an economy has been punished. Right after illness detection on a farm have temporarily forbidden production realisation. On it informs BGTRK.

works on liquidation brutselleza are now spent. All sick animals will be destroyed. We will remind,   in Bichursky area last year was     10 villages, unsuccessful on brutsellezu. To   to April it was revealed 289 cows and the bulls infected brutsellezom. It is handed over on a meat-packing plant and it is destroyed in economy of 278 goals. (Details)


Brutsellez - infectious - allergic disease of the person and animals. It is characterised by variety of clinical displays, duration of a current, defeats of nervous system, bones and joints. Activators brutselleza     microorganisms. From sick goats, sheep, a horned cattle and pigs all kinds of animals and the person can catch. The person catches brutsellezom at the use of milk, dairy products and meat from sick animals, and also at care of them. Treatment of the sick person conduct antibiotics by a special technique. Animals destroy.