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the Residential qualification for veterans has returned to Petersburg

On Wednesday in Moscow in the Sovereign court decided destiny Petersburg « a residential qualification » for veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

we Will remind on existing norms, front-line soldiers can apply for free apartment in Northern capital, only if they have lived here ten years. Some old men who have got over in a city on Neva some years ago have disagreed with these conditions. Among them 84 - summer Vasily Kurjatnikov. He huddles with the son, the daughter - in-law and two grandsons in odinnadtsatimetrovoj to a room, and to receive due to it under the law preferential apartment cannot from - for « a residential qualification ». Then it has gone to search for truths in court.

Delo Kurjatnikova have united with similar statements of two other veterans. By common efforts they managed to achieve that the City court of Petersburg has cancelled the qualification. However the Office of Public Prosecutor which has appealed against against this decision in higher instance has interfered with business.

on July, 20th the Sovereign court recognised cancellation of the qualification for veterans illegal. Business have returned on consideration back in City court of Northern capital. Now with an uneasy problem « a residential qualification » the new judge will understand.

it is necessary to remind that with habitation for veterans after history all country began to discuss with Anton Karavantsem a question. The front-line soldier could not receive preferential habitation in Petersburg and has written the letter to Barack Obama, with the request to give it the American citizenship.