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From 300 offices which are buying up cellular in Bottom, only at one there were documents on mobile phones

Overwhelming majority of businessmen continue to buy up cellular without documents.

-   from 300 Nizhniy Novgorod individual businessmen (IP), engaged in buying up - sale beushnyh the cellular telephones, only one has given the data about the realised goods in law enforcement bodies of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, - has informed and. (UUR) the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the Nizhniy Novgorod region Dmitry Postnikov has informed an island of the head of department of criminal investigation department to criminal police GU on a press - conferences on Wednesday.

we Will remind, according to the new law, each businessman is obliged to present the documentation on the realised goods to help with formation of the general base of mobile phones were in the use. It should help to reduce mass thefts of the mobile.  

Those who does not give the data, administrative punishment expects. The penalty   For physical persons will make 10 - 20 thousand roubles, for legal - 20 - 50 thousand roubles.