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Denounced on the case of explosion in the Cherkizovsky market the Former employee of FSB Sergey Klimuk denounced for life for explosion in the Cherkizovsky market was converted into the Constitutional court

, converted into the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation. He demands to recognise the country not corresponding to the main law a part of 2 articles 379 criminally - the remedial code of the Russian Federation (UPK).

according to the lawyer denounced, Dmitry Agranovski the given norm, allows not to reconsider the sentences which have been taken out on the basis of a verdict of jurymen, in essence . The lawyer declares that it – rough infringement 50 - oh articles of the constitution which says that denounced for a crime has the right to revision of a sentence by superior court in the order established by the federal law, and also right to ask everyone about pardon or mitigation of punishment.

Earlier with the complaint to infringement of the rights of Klimuk it was converted into the European court under human rights.

Explosion in the capital Cherkizovsky market has occurred on August, 21st, 2006, as a result of it 14 persons were lost. The court recognised as guilty of this crime of members of nationalist group « Has rescued ». To a life imprisonment were then are sentenced Nikolay Korolev, Ilya Tikhomirov, Oleg Kostyrev and Sergey Klimuk. Valery Zhukovtsev has received 20 years of prison, Nikita Senjukov - 13 years of imprisonment. Two - Dmitry Fedoseenkov and Nikolay Kachalov - already left figurants of a sensational case on freedom.