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Inhabitants of Estonia avoid to buy the goods through the Internet - shops

According to the research spent Eurostat, in comparison with inhabitants of other European countries, Estonians visit the Internet - shops less often. They lose popularity as people are afraid to become a victim of swindlers.

Interest to sale of the goods through the Internet is shown less by than half of Estonian net surfers, the program of news ETV « informs; the Actual chamber ».

Every third complaint arrives in Department of protection of the rights of consumers on service or the goods got through the Internet. The matter is that more often the reserved thing comes or with the big delay, or does not reach at all.

« In many cases our department was converted into police as it was found out that we deal with swindle. We even have opened so-called the black list The enterprises which do not fulfil the requirements shown to trade on the Internet » - has told the head of department of a consumer policy of Department of protection of the rights of consumers of Hanna Turetski - Toomik.

Now in this list of 13 firms but as the Internet - shop can be closed, and there and then to open new, many of them simply do not reach to « the black list ».

Experts consider that it is not necessary to avoid completely purchases on the Internet, it is necessary to be more attentive simply.

« Before to leave in the Internet - shop the data of the credit card, it is necessary to conduct small research. For example to use a search engine and to look, a leah it is written in an address line of the seller http or https. The last means that all data which arrive on a site are protected, and they cannot be considered » - the expert on computer security of the State centre of development infosistem has told Tarmo Randel.

in the summer the number of cases when the familiar person through a social network asks money also has increased, referring that has got to a misfortune abroad.

Almost always in such cases it is a question of hackers, informs an information portal rus. err. ee.