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On the Civil prospectus the jeep has driven into the seven-year child

One more incident with participation of the child has occurred recently in Petersburg: at the house 19 under the Civil prospectus a jeep « Suzuki Grandee Vitara » leaving lateral journey, has driven into the boy of the seven-year boy who ran by. Now it is in children`s city hospital K.A.Rauhfusa`s 19 names where has been delivered almost at once.

According to experts of bodies of guardianship and guardianship MO « the Citizen » about seven evenings Lesha who should go to school this autumn, together with parents came back home from walk: mother held him by the hand, the father simply went nearby. Having solved, probably, to gambol, the little boy has escaped and has run lengthways « a pocket » whence during this moment the car just left.

Hardly having had time to come round, parents have called in first aid which delivered the child in resuscitation where it was found out: At the fellow the hand is broken, however no other traumas and damages are present. Having imposed on crisis plaster, doctors have translated the madcap in usual chamber, whence it, most likely, I will soon write out, so, on first of September the child, together with other children, will go to the first class.