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In Smolensk area restoration of a temple with Nikolay Roerich`s mosaic

Today, on July, 20th has begun, the briefing for Smolensk journalists in territory of the former manor of patrons of art of Tenishevyh has taken place. The Spirit temple is decorated by Nikolay Roerich`s mosaic « Has rescued Not-made-by-hand ». Round it the green building grid is tense. On a roof dismantling works are conducted.

This temple conceals in itself many secrets which open in due course. For example, employees of restoration firm of Open Company « Professional restoration » have been surprised, when under a tile have found out metal overlappings though under the available scheme of a beam should be wooden. One more feature of a temple was noted by the head of works:

- We repeatedly had to work on restoration of churches, manors. When has arrived here and has entered in a temple, I have felt rest. Sometimes happens that there is any stirring or alarm, and here - to the contrary. While our firm is engaged only in external furnish. In a wall temple in bad condition, but all it is restored and resulted in a due kind. There serious work on restoration of the arches will be done. Walls have dampened, is otsloenija.

If financing will be carried out properly by October external restoration works will be already finished. On internal furniture of a temple while there are only assumptions.

- we have an idea to place inside an exposition hall, - Lyudmila Zhuk, the director of Smolensk regional state memorial estate tells. - we believe that it will be devoted history of creation and building of this temple and, in particular, to Nikolay Roerich`s creativity.

Considering, in what status there are frescos indoors, completely to restore them it will not be possible. Probably, the portrayal of a line out of frescos of Nikolay Roerich will be made and will in addition establish a cloth with outline sketches of the artist. According to the director of regional state memorial estate, by the federal budget this year it is already allocated 6,8 million roubles. A total cost of restoration works in a temple it agree design - the budget documentation makes an order of 100 million roubles.

smoljane and city visitors can already take pleasure in External appearance of the Temple of Spirit in the middle of this autumn, and here the expiry date of internal restoration works while remains opened.