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In September names new vitse will be declared - mayors of Kishinev

the Town governor has noticed that already has some nominees which names is not going to advertise yet. Their names become known to the Kishinev municipal council (KMS) in September.   by this time all advisers will return from holiday.

According to item 31 of the Law on local public management, vitse - mayors are appointed and displaced from a post under the offer of the mayor by means of the decision MOSCOW TIME, accepted by the majority of the selected advisers. If the offered nominee does not type a necessary poll at two successively sessions, the mayor offers advice other nominee.

  - In Kishinev can remain and former vitse - mayors if the law does not establish term to which they can occupy the posts. vitse - mayors hold fasts until enjoy confidence of the mayor and advice, - Kirtoake has told. - To the offer and purpose of new nominees, present vitse - mayors should perform the work according to the mandate.

Now under the direction of Dorina Kirtoake four assistants - Nistor Grozavu, Mihaj Furtune, Vlad Kotets and Igor Lupulchuk. They have been appointed in 2007 by decision KMS when Kirtoake was the mayor of capital also.