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In wood near Ekaterinburg on gathering of mushrooms was gone 78 - the summer grandmother

Pensioners were put forward in neighbouring woods still on July, 16th, on Saturday. Went for reliability four together. Have remembered youth, as hazhivali when - that behind mushrooms - berries. Yes only have forgotten that feet any more those. And familiar tracks pozarastali. The youngest, Rashide   Vaganovne – 63 years, the most elderly, to Albina Svetlovoj – 78. For pushchego an extreme did not take with itself any communications mediums . A result: two pensioners from wood have returned, for a two have started to search for the third days. The most elderly and the youngest. So, silent hunting has turned back noisy searches of life-saving services.

- on July, 19th in department of militia the OHM 8 the woman has called and has told that they 16 more numbers have gone behind mushrooms, - have informed in a press - the centre of the Department of Internal Affairs of a city. - Mushroom pickers have sat down on the bus of a route 195 , have reached to 11 - go kilometre of the Chusovsky path . Left on to a stop the Birch key .

approximately through three kilometres of the pedestrian course brave grandmothers have felt pulled hard weariness. Two have decided to come back home in a familiar city, and Rashida and Albina have told that else will stay in wood. Have assured that will return by last bus. Girlfriends have glanced to them home next day, but have not found out. There were no old women and in the evening.   still every other day girlfriends have become agitated and have called in police.      

- gone employees department of a criminal investigation department of management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across Ekaterinburg were engaged in Search, the OHM 8, is investigatory - operative group, and also employees of regiment PPS, divisionals and film logic service GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area , - have informed in a press - the centre of the Department of Internal Affairs.

On search of self-confident aged mushroom pickers have distracted huge forces. In the first days in wood 90 police officers, cynologists with search dogs worked. Have combed 20 km of a large forest. Has carried: on July, 20th at a stop « 10 - j km of the Chusovsky path » it was found out 62 - summer Rashida Vaganov. To it immediate medical aid was required. A weakening voice she has told that has left the exhausted Albina near « any transmission line ». Has given up as a bad job where approximately to search. To all other it was found out that Albina Svetlov suffers affliction partial loss of memory …   By Wednesday the elderly lady yet have not found out, searches proceed.

the Police informs signs gone: growth 165 - 170 sm, a thin constitution, hair of dark colour, a short hairstyle. Behind mushrooms has gone in bolonevoj to a jacket of dark blue colour. On a head – a dark blue cap. It is put in black rubber boots, behind shoulders a backpack.

Bodies of the Department of Internal Affairs are converted to citizens: if leave in wood, take with itself communications mediums. If lose the way, type 02, 911 or phone of rescuers 221 - 33 - 07. Under the same numbers inform on the people found in wood.