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Moldova tightens performance of decisions of Eurocourt

the Sovereign commissioner under human rights Thomas Hammarberg considers inadmissible a tightening as the governments of some the states, including Moldova, performance of decisions of the European court under human rights.

He has noted in future issue of the the Remedial diary that operative, full and all-round execution of judgements   very important for effective application of standards of the European convention in the internal right of the countries .

- Standards and procedures are clear. In article 46 of the European convention about human rights it is said that the countries undertake to execute definitive decisions of Court on affairs in which they are the parties . The committee of ministers of the Council of Europe observes of execution of judgements. He watches correction of the revealed lacks to put an end to infringements and to prevent their repetition, - writes   Hammarberg.

Except Moldova, in the list of the countries where decisions ESPCH, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania and Ukraine more often are not executed.

According to the Council of Europe, all is waited for by execution about 9 thousand   sentences of the Strasbourg court that is twice more than indicators 2004.

- As a rule, the problem consists not in payment of indemnifications, and in carrying out of necessary reforms and other transformations, - the commissioner has underlined, having noticed that more often the others sentences concerning law enforcement bodies and judicial system are insufficiently executed.