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In Nepal have solved peremerjat the Everest

In two years height of the Everest can change. In Nepal, still any couple of years back were kingdom, have decided it to specify. In Katmandu agree with the most widespread and considered official figure – 8848 metres above sea level. However recently have appeared American and Chinese « demands » a little different from it.

the American expedition in 1999 by means of system of global positioning GPS named height of 8850 metres, and Chineses have declared recently that height of the Everest hardly more low – 8844 metres.

« Usyhanie » the Everest the Chinese scientists explain global warming. Thus it is necessary to consider that thanks to seismic activity in region Himalayas annually rise approximately on 1 centimetre. However, to be afraid that the highest top of our planet will yield the palm to other mount, it is not necessary. The nearest competitor, mount 2, much more low. Its height « only » 8611 metres above sea level.

Gopal of the Weight, the representative of the ministry of land reforms of Nepal, has declared that the government of Nepal has decided to spend new gaugings of height of the Everest. Now on a grief the equipment which by means of satellite technologies and measures its height will be established. Stations will be developed in three places, including at the top of the Everest. All procedure will take two years.