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Petersburgers go on judicial sessions with the weapon

the Petersburg police officers who are responsible for security in courts, have summed up the last half-year.  

It has appeared that to carry by on judicial sessions the weapon is more strict it is forbidden, citizens persistently take with themselves travmatiku, knifes, elektroshokery and even service pistols. For six months of such armed visitors 1900 persons were typed already.

Besides, six times quiet work of judges have broken emergencies, such as an anonymous call about the put bomb. Fortunately, the explosive has appeared only malicious joke of the telephone terrorist to which should be responsible now for the act.

Vigilant police officers watch not only buildings of the courts, but also behind adjoining territory. For example, on July, 19th they near to Seaside district court have found an ownerless plastic suitcase with a sticking out seeing-off. Care superfluous does not happen. From - for the suspicious subject reminding an explosive, it was necessary to evacuate all employees and visitors, and to call sappers.

- Experts in mine clearing have found out that in a suitcase tools lie, - have explained in a press - service UFSSP across Petersburg. - After an hour the district court worked in a usual mode.