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eks - head of administration Rossel and the operating deputy of regional Duma children

have beaten Grandiose battle occurred today behind chessboards in edition « ». On the sixth course seven-year Dasha Chekletsova has put a floor-mat to the party member operating to the deputy of the Regional thought of Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk area   to Evgenie Artjuhu .

- Here, have invited to play with kiddies, it is possible to tell on a visit have called, and beat, - Evgenie Petrovich has made a helpless gesture. – And the main thing after all that – looks at me the fair blue eyes, and « guzzles » figures one for another, - the deputy laughs. – it is remarkable that we have such exceptional children , probably, already it is time to enter legislatively obligatory teaching of chess at schools.

  To the loss seven-year Dashe Evgenie Artjuh should not be ashamed. Dasha from well-known families of Chekletsovyh from the cities of Serova (also other our ingenious fellow countryman whence comes from Kostja Tszju ). The father – serovsky businessman Gennady Chekletsov   specially carries the kiddies to Ekaterinburg to to trainer Sergey Zhuravlyov . To Big brother Dashi Ilya – 11 years, to Egor – nine years. All three the perspective chess players who have won a great number of awards in competitions with the contemporaries. Them now compare to the well-known Hungarian family Polgar . There were three   ingenious sisters shahmatistki Zhuzha, Judit, and Sofia , at us – two brothers and the sister. Are engaged under the direction of trainer Zhuravlyov in well-known the Ural academy of chess of the international grand master of the Nahum Rashkovsky . At it other chess genius 9 - summer Timur Fahrutdinov from suburb of Ekaterinburg the Top Pyshma trains also. Timur has met behind a table with eks - the head of governor`s administration Alexander Levin . Their most persistent party proceeded longer others. Timur – the champion of Ekaterinburg, double champion UrFo, the double prize-winner of superiority of Russia . Alexander Jurevich battled self-denyingly, but by the end of party Timur had an overweight in a pawn, and Alexander Levin had to hand over party and to shake hands with nine-year bestowal. It has It seems that made it with some pleasure – all - taki not every day it is necessary to sit down one board with the ingenious person. the director of the Central stadium in Ekaterinburg Vadim Vorobev has very diplomatically reduced the party in a draw.

in general, « » has not bad celebrated the World day of chess.