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Obama have fined in Britain

the Most insulting for Barack Obama that air in the British capital was spoilt not by it, and its armour limousine which name « the Beast » and other cars of a presidential cavalcade during May visit of the leader of the United States to the Connected kingdom.

the London town governor Boris Johnson has asked visitors to pay the tax in the sum of 10 pounds sterling (16 dollars). Americans of anything did not begin to pay. On a banquet Johnson`s reference to Obama has not helped with the Buckingham palace even. Now the president of the United States is fined for 120 pounds.

Non-payment of the tax to air pollution in London and penalties, seemingly, becomes tradition for foreign diplomats and statesmen. Behind foreign embassies has collected penalties on 50 million pounds sterling. For a parking in not put place foreign diplomats owe 491 thousand pounds more.

the largest debtor are the USA – 5 million pounds. Them follows the Russian diplomats, run into debt 4,4 million.