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Leah will get Opel to Russian?

some months of intrigues, hearings, loud statements and their refutations round Opel sale will end today, on September, 10th, in 16. 30 across Moscow. At this particular time representatives of American Autogeneral Motors declare the decision on sale of the European division of Opel.

Two days advice GM discussed four variants of succession of events: to make bankrupt Opel; to leave it as a part of General Motors and as - that raschityvatsja with debts; to sell factory to the Belgian fund or Russian - to the Canadian consortium Magna - the Savings Bank.

the German authorities and workers of factory of Opel, apparently, would be already glad to any decision if only all this situation has ended. Though the authorities repeatedly declared that concept Magna - the Savings Bank is the best variant. But during too time officials admit informal conversations that Berlin has practically reconciled that Opel will not get to Russian . It is rumored that GM does not want to transfer technology of Opel to Russia.

As will be actually, the world learns   after a press - conferences of General Motors which will take place   on September, 10th.