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Leah we buy an armchair for the small motorist

So the children`s autoarmchair is necessary? The right answer on this question is written down in the Russian traffic regulations: by transportation kids in the car use   special keeping devices necessarily. A question how correctly to choose an autoarmchair for the child demands more detailed answer.

Developing keeping devices, manufacturers consider anatomic features of children of this or that age category and divide autoarmchairs on some age groups. To find out, your kid concerns what group, the adviser will help with shop or special tables which can be found in the Internet.

but to be defined with age group not the most difficult. How to choose from set of models the best? There are some moments on which it is necessary to pay special attention.

Lateral protection
Security of the kid completely depends on an armchair design. The more the headrest and is deeper bokoviny, the more reliably protection against unpleasant unexpectedness.  

Covers of seats
the Clap in this case it is far not the best variant. Such cover is quickly wiped and can sit down at washing. Modern synthetic materials are very reliable and comfortable.

Special system Isofix provides more reliable fastening of an armchair in salon, however has the lacks. Such models approach not for all stamps of cars, they and cost more expensive of heavier of armchairs which fasten seat belts.

autoarmchair Weight
The easier, the better. Even if speech does not go about an autocradle for babies which can be used, as to a resock, children`s sitting should be moved often from place to place. For example, if the car is not necessary on the closed secured parking, the armchair should be taken away for the night from salon home.

Additional adjustments
Small children fall asleep often on the journey, therefore possibility to regulate a back inclination is of great importance. Some autoarmchairs of 2 and 3 groups also are regulated on width of sitting. For each age certain models approach only, at all do not buy an autoarmchair on vyrost . If the thing which will serve long is necessary to you, look narrowly at armchairs - to transformers.

Advice of the expert

Autoarmchair Bebeton, group 1 - 3, a transformer

Alexey Voskobojnik, the chief of department a product - chain store system management the Children`s world

- Desire to choose for the child the best is quite natural to any parent. However the qualitative thing not necessarily should be most expensive in shop. So, choosing an autoarmchair for your child, you can get comfortable and safe model, without overpaying for superfluous options.

Some expensive models are equipped by little tables, frames for fastening of toys - the mobiles, the ear-phones built in a headrest and other adaptations which are very pleasant, but have no relation to security of the child. At the same time, in the market it is a lot of the stamps offering reliable and comfortable models for reasonable price. For example, Bebeton, own trade mark the Children`s world offers inexpensive autoarmchairs for kids of all age.

One of new workings out - an armchair - a transformer which will protect from road troubles of children at once three age groups. The model has an internal insert with own seat belts for transportation of kids from 1 year, deep sitting with a headrest and protective boards is intended for children from 3 till 7 years, and the demountable back transforms an armchair in sidushku - buster for schoolboys. The high level of security of this model is confirmed by results crash - tests and the conformity certificate RosTesta . As well as all production Bebeton, an autoarmchair completely corresponds STATE THAT and costs absolutely cheaply.