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Tula marks 863 - j birthday

In approaching days off Tula marks 863 - j birthday. The feast promises to be cheerful in spite of the fact that this year for the organisation of walks have allocated twice less money (hardly more one million roubles).

Are planned in the program and traditional fair - an exhibition of the children`s and youth companies on Lenin`s areas, and rewarding of five young inhabitants of Tula by a rank the Young patriot for active military - patriotic work.

to five more our fellow countrymen will hand over medals Hope for merits in sphere of a youth policy of a city. Also will pass celebration of pairs newly married which birth of families coincides happy birthday Tula.

youth and students wait at a concert of young executors Youth. Creativity. Friendship . For fans fate - music will act beginning and already known in Tula fate - groups. From popular actors to us will arrive Vladimir Markin and group Factory . So, about all one after another.

on September, 12th, Saturday

In how much and where

What to look

10. 00, from a cinema the Native land to a monument to L.N.Tolstoy

Competitions on cycling the Mountain king

11. 30, a platform near shopping centre Paradise

Fair - an exhibition of children`s youth campaigns

12. 00, from a monument to L.N.Tolstoy to Lenin`s area

Celebratory procession of youth and students Tula young

14. 30, a platform at the corner of street Soviet and street F. Engels

the Open championship of a city of Tula on a power extreme Force of Tula - 2009

18. 00 - 20. 30, at a monument to L.N.Tolstoy

the governor`s wind band

Lenin`s area

13. 00 - 14. 30

Solemn opening of the City Day. The dramatized program Tula young . Delivery of medals the Tula patron of art signs Young bestowal of a city of Tula the Young patriot Hope . Celebration of a newly-married couple

14. 30 - 16. 30

the Concert program of young executors Youth. Creativity. Friendship

16. 30 - 18. 30

fate - festival

18. 30 - 20. 00

Vladimir Markin

  20. 00 - 21. 00

the Concert of creative collectives of military units

21. 00 - 22. 00

Show - the program of the Tula executors

22. 00 - 23. 00

Acts       group       Factory

23. 00



Traditional gifts to inhabitants of Tula this day:

- free visitation of museums;
- 2 free film sessions at cinemas the Native land (Lenin`s avenue, 20) and Spartak   (Lunacharsky, 12) and one - in Albany (street   Fr. Engels, 66).


Why our city named Tula

the Distance, in the dictionary, explains a word Tula so: Tula - a reserved, inaccessible place, zatule, pritule for protection, a shelter, or for zatochenja. With it can be in communication nazvane cities . The city name also connect with the small river Tulitsej proceeding in a city. Though the diminutive suffix in the small river name specifies that to the contrary, Tulitsa takes the name from a city.

  - our city is known since 1146. Then it entered into the Ryazan princedom, with 1503 in the Moscow state.

-   per 1607 in Tula kremle the rebelled peasants led by Bolotnikovym defended.

- From the end of 16 centuries on all country the glory about weapon masters of Tula extends. In 17 century our city becomes the centre zhelezodelatelnoj the industries on the basis of local iron ores.

-   In 1712 under Peter I decree in Tula the state small-arms factory has been based.

- with 1796 - go Tula - the province centre.

- in 19 century in Tula weapon manufacture and metal working, manufacturing of samovars and accordions, handicraft metal crafts develop.