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In Perm the stepmother has reserved murder of the stepson, muchivshego all family

-   I want to wipe out it, -   Faina has told, transferring the intermediary money for the killer. -   it the geek, does not give life to us, all family has tortured, all suffer affliction from - for this drunkard and the brawler...

On Thursday   in Perm attempt at murder has been opened. The stepson has reserved 56 - the summer woman. As admitted to inspectors later, she was tired to live under one roof with 37 - the summer son of the husband...

... This summer at trading in clothes on mini - the market Youth in Ordzhonikidzevsky area   Fainy Zakievoj   (the surname is changed in the interests of the investigation) there was a neighbour in the market. All year long she sells here dresses. And it which have left militia the pensioner, has come to sell surpluses of a crop from a kitchen garden. And here once Faina offended on life has complained to the neighbour to Sergey as its stepson has tortured.

Faina was tired to suffer mockeries of the stepson.

Vladik was 18 years old, to his brother 20 when their father Valery married Faine. Took it with two children. Valery`s wife have killed.

Valery perfectly earned, it had a business -   traded in disks. Has resulted the wife in the good three-storyed house. All is good, yes Vladik as from a chain has broken. Began to drink, and as will drink -   goes to the father with jealousy and charges: We are not necessary to you, has exchanged us for other woman! . As a result, according to relatives, Vlad has hit in one unbounded hellbender. Eventually on excite it killed the friend and has received 10 years.

Five years ago it was released. The father to inhale on come back sonny could not: has given it a three-storyed private residence. And itself together with Fainoj, her daughter Natasha, Natasha`s husband and two kids has moved to the house more modestly -   have constructed it in the neighbourhood.

Neighbour Fainy in the market, promised to find the killer. A photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

Vlad married the good girl, the daughter was born. To live yes to rejoice...

And further - as in a horror film. Vladik sober - all is excellent, works as the welder and as will drink - rushes with fists: Got both the stepmother, and the stepsister, both own wife, and a crumb to a daughter.

-   It and through a balcony to us got into the house, mum offended, to the wife hair tore up also a daughter threw so that Mashenka a head about a wall crashed down, -   remembers Fainina the daughter.

One and a half years ago it otmetelil the stepmother and the stepsister so that women have removed a beating and have written the application in militia. Vlad has received for that scandal of 15 days.

has not helped. Again saws, again beat - the stepmother, the father, the wife, the daughter...

-   Vladik the son to me, and Faina -   the wife, both very much I love, but that it was possible to make -   mind I will not put, -   Valery admits.

But has thought up how to correct a situation, Faina driven to despair.

The is more often she talked to the neighbour - the dealer in the market, the it is more than hatred in it was saved:

-   to Kill him it is necessary.

-   Soon it has brought to me Vladik`s photo, and there it with the babe, a daughter, on hands, -   Sergey remembers. - I as have seen -   already murashki on a body have gone... Began to dissuade, but she repeated all: find to me the person!

According to the former militiaman, he has understood that Faina all the same will find the one who would send to the grave Vladik. And Sergey has gone to militia. Already each step of the stepmother was in the public eye at field investigators.

Husband Fainy does not believe that the wife could dare at murder of his son
the Photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

on September, 2nd Faina and Sergey have met definitively to discuss transaction details. Faina has passed Sergey for the killer of 5 thousand roubles to weapon purchase. Also has promised: a pier when business will make, I will give to you four-year-old the seven Vlad.

- About murder nobody learns, you only a body hide properly, -   it convinced, -   it taksuet it is frequent at night, all sits down in the car -   successively; on everybody can think.

Together with money the woman has passed also Vladik`s photo (truth, this time sentimentally cut off the image of the babe). Also began to wait for clearing...

Sergey has called it on September, 9th.

- Customers already all have made, - he has informed. - give we will meet.

Near to the car where there were Faina Sergey, there was one more car -   with field investigators. When the woman took, the first that she has told: I killed nobody!

And yesterday in Ordzhnonikidzevsky district court the question on its arrest was solved. The woman with tears recognised the fault. In it could not believe native in any way: in shock husband Valery, daughter Natasha and the son-in-law. Vladik has not come to a court hall...

- the Unique reason on which mum could dare at it, -   wanted to help all of us that we easy lived, -   the daughter Natalia cries.

- Criminal case has been raised under item 30 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Preparation for a crime and attempt at a crime -   deputy head OROVD has informed on crimes against the person of SOU SKP the Russian Federation on the Perm edge Kamal`s Novel .
the Woman punishment in the form of 6 years of imprisonment can wait.