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Extreme games in the open air

Roup - dzhamping (jumps on a rope).

This kind of an extreme has located on the Sokovsky bridge still five years ago, but only this summer it has got serious scope. Each days off here gathers about hundred interested persons siganut from the bridge in height   20 metres. To the daredevil put on alpinistkoe equipment in the centre chests the dynamic rope fastens, the instructor explains, how   correctly to jump and helps to get through a bridge handrail. The jump lasts three seconds Together with all raskachivanijami on a rope after a jump   it turns out that about five minutes you soar, as a bird in flight, without considering a lead. Vytjagivanie the person from below occupies only one and a half minute. Though in the summer many are unhooked from the insurance (it is necessary to notice what to remove it from itself not too easily) and independently reach coast by swimming.

  - All it is safe for 150 percent if attentively to listen to safety rules   - the instructor on roup - dzhampingu Alexander Posol has told. - as for jumps are used the most expensive climbing equipment. Ropes dynamic, that is what are stretched and soften falling. They very reliable, maintain loading to 5 tons.

By the way, instructors swarm up the bridge, helping prygalshchikam with dexterity of a monkey without any insurance. These riskovanye tricks are evident at once and add adrenaline.

- For four years there were also madmen who jumped   without any insurance, - the Ambassador has continued.   - but to survive in this case to the nonprofessional it is almost impossible. The Capful of wind, vertical position of a body changes in falling and kompressionnyj the fracture of spinal column is inevitable. I am imposed much more by what will be going to jump, will get through a handrail of the bridge and stand for two hours, shiver. Happened that, having staid two hours the person and did not take the first step in a precipice. Then there came some more time, but and has not dared. And one 75 summer grandfather has jumped and even   was not frightened.    

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Than interesting : It is possible to fall beautifully from the bridge and not to die.

Where: the Old bridge through the river Juice. (Closely adjoins the new bridge)

When: from Friday on Sunday every week

How to reach from Samara: the bus 379, minibuses 392, 347 to ask the driver to stop at   stelly “ Samara “ before a ring,   or at a ring in front of the bridge.

From Tolyatti: 392 minibus to ost. “ settlement Coastal “ further change on 447 or 79 bus to ost. “ settlement Volga “ or to a ring behind the bridge.

How much is: the First jump   300 roubles, the second   200, the third it is free. A jump raised strashnosti (from a bridge farm) - 400 roubles.


the Legend of king Arthur.

Only in films it seems that to fence easily. Look a photo gallery > > >
the Photo: Evgenie Malysheva

If when - nibud supernumeraries undertake to count up the people of our city participating though time in similar games will receive impressive percent from the Samara population. To find the person who on a broader scale anything and never heard about tematichesko - razysknyh type games “ Night watch “ and “ the Summer lightning “ already it will not turn out. Their principle: to receive the task, and driving about on a city crews (on 5 persons) to pass puzzling tests, to collect treasured codes. Than more than codes - that is closer to victory.

Fans of similar games - wheelchairs with already difficultly something to surprise, and the communities which are engaged in their working out and the organisation already, apparently, have touched all subjects and game updatings. But developers of games are not appeased, as demand for them does not decrease till now. “ hunters of dreams “ - one of organizers of such games, have arranged new   - A day variant of game with the name “ the Legend of king Arthur “.

In this game all as is necessary on medieval subjects: characters like sorcerer Merlina, fights “ knights “ on swords (truth plastic), “ a round table “ and meeting place - flour-grinding factory - quite descended for similarity of a medieval castle.    

the First game passed on August, 1st and lasted from 12 o`clock in the afternoon till 12 nights. Besides surroundings “ Hunters of dreams “ have caused a stir selection of tasks of special complexity. For passage of one point, they had to carry out not one, and some tasks, considering that on each of them left till one and a half o`clock.    

As a result, exhausted with deeply intellectual questions and a heat crews carried out of the task with a speed, approximately, two points for half-day, and periodically spent fights on swords among special representatives for this the purposes “ knights “ - Companions without fear and rebuke, only complicated a problem though have added to staginess action.

the Unique problem in the organisation were so-called “ bayans “ in bushes - places which have already been used earlier for placing of codes. “ for some years of practice of games, in a city almost does not remain places which did not appear earlier in tasks. They at times so are deeply hidden that they can be found only casually “ - Igor Shadrin -   admits; the organizer “ Arthur “. Though it even helped habitues.

As a result dvenadtsatichasovoj races behind the codes, the defeated command has received certificates on three thousand roubles on everyone for a campaign in restaurant. The others were quite satisfied with process. “ the main thing that in a daily chain “ work - the house, the house - work “ there is an adrenaline and romanticism “ - participants unanimously declare. And places unknown to players in a city now there was even less, but it already a headache of organizers of the following game.    

Than interesting: It is possible “ poskripet “ brains to wave with swords   and it is a lot of nakatatsja on a city in the favourite company.

Where: In city boundaries of Samara and not further 35   km behind its limits.

When: on to the coordination with organizers

How much is: a command payment 4   000 roubles. The command totals exactly so much person, how much will be located in an automobile car.

How to find: to contact organizers it is possible through a site plastrain. ru


Tehnogenno - a role-playing game “ the Stalker “.

the Postnuclear landscape of Vodinsky range helps is got used to a role and to feel the present stalker.

not Completed military camp near the settlement Vodino is many years a zone of incessant operations. Each days off, from a decline of Friday till a dawn of Sunday. Territory vodinskih ruins already   for a long time occupied pejntbolisty, strajkbolisty and stalkers. By the way, the last use a dead city as a portal in an abnormal zone. When - that these boys lived day and night a computer shooter “ the Stalker “ and have then grown and have embodied the virtual world - in a reality. tehnogenno a role-playing game “ the Stalker. Shade of Chernobyl “ - an echo of their virtual war. Here in black eye-sockets of the thrown high-rise buildings snipers in gas masks sit. Against each other operations conduct various lawful and illegal gangs - formations. The fighters who have received “ deadly “ a dose   plastic 6μμ balls, fill up evil spirits army. For example, snork   is the monster generated by radiation in a black gas mask, moves and behaves as a dog. The zombie -   the slow and stupid shoots only from a paunch. Krovosos (his face is closed red bandanoj) - likes to wait in an ambush and to suffice for a throat.

in general all who has not played enough in the childhood in vojnushku or nostalgiruet on army - welcome on Vodinsky ruins. Also remember! The opinion that this kind of rest only for men - is erroneous, at each command by all means there are fighting girlfriends.

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  Feature “ the stalker “ as versions strajkbola is that   game is conducted on honesty. It to you not a paintball, bullets of traces do not leave! Therefore here interest to defeat, instead of to swindle. A sheer pleasure for the player - to feel overweight in   to physical, tactical and psychological preparation. Depending on quantity of players of game it is possible to divide conditionally on military - tactical and command. Military - tactical it is spent at a considerable quantity of participants - 100 and more persons. It passes under in advance developed scenario. And command it is possible to spend at smaller quantity of players - on 6 - 10 persons in the command. Such game represents working off of the concrete task (capture ukreprajona the opponent, hunting for group or an ambush).

How much is : the Arms and ammunition is much cheaper pejntbolnogo. Equipment (a suit, a mask), arms (automatic machine), spheres (500ψς), delivery (there/ back) from 1300 roubles. But stalkers regretfully remember that hire   only beginners usually use. Once having visited a dead city,   the people seriously   “ falls ill “ this game also starts to buy to itself own regimentals. For the sake of it they voluntary leave with 20 - 30 thousand   Roubles.