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Show the Glacial age : From - for what participants swear?

in a new season the Glacial age the brightest participants of all ice shows will stage the skill. Ilya Averbuh long could not collect wards. Who in holiday, who on tours... On a skating rink appeared only Anastasia Volochkova with the partner Maxim Marinin and Vadim Kolganov with Anej Semenovich. The others were tightened as far as possible. But on the sly show grows, and we have got on one of the first trainings...

News! Now at the Period there is a ice. If it was necessary to rent arena in CSKA earlier, being arranged under the schedule of the present sportsmen now directly in sport centre territory have established a huge tent with artificial ice. Farewell, night trainings! Now participants of show come to time convenient for them. The tent is protected more purely other confidential object.

In a tent a terrible cold - that ice did not melt. Participants in warm jackets, gloves and woollen gaiters. On pair ice leave by turns. Rehearse dance for the first release of the project. The most noisy had appeared Dmitry Marjanov and Irina Lobachyov. Dance, and all here was not glued at them!

- Well you on me hang?! - Irina shouted.

- I do not hang! - Dmitry responded.

- do not put on me kilogramme ruchishchi, - the figure skater demanded. - it is impossible so to work!   also look, where you slide!

During any moment Marjanov on a broader scale has refused to go for a drive. As these two each other irritate! And after all it in last season attributed a torrid love affair! Reconcile a couple can   only Ilya Averbuh. He has considered to be for the blessing near to them and to supervise emotions eks - spouses. Irina in the presence of the ex-husband has calmed down, and training has renewed. But it was necessary to Averbuhu to distract, as Lobachyov Marjanova again has begun to chide for errors.

Anna Semenovich even falls on ice sexy...
a photo: Leonid VALEEV


And Anna Semenovich of workmate Vadim Kolganova on a broader scale hardly has not crippled - has casually dropped on ice, and that has strongly hit. And Anja has managed to fall. But both only have laughed over incident.

Margarita Drobjazko who goes for a drive with actor Peter Krasilov, the part of the training has devoted... To a cosmetics choice. Directly on ice to it the make-up artist has come and began to show everyones flakonchiki and tubes.

- we Take here this shade, - Margarita has offered, considering a lip gloss. - it will not be greased during dance? Also let`s do without a voice-frequency cream, only we will be powdered.  

It appears, participants, except dances, rehearse also the make-up for performance...

Sometimes on a skating rink leaves... A huge box from - under a medical product which manufacturer is one of sponsors of the project. The box has the feet put in the fads, and it too dances something under music. More precisely, it is done by girl Anja - she plays a medicine role.

- Who will not obey, that I will force to act here in such dress, - Ilya Averbuh threatens. By the way, the dress this while unique which is completely ready to the first aether. Seamstresses still pore over other suits. But all will be ready to the necessary moment: costumiers Glacial Have got used to work in an emergency mode and scribble on sewing machines even at night.

Ilya Averbuh knows how to pacify temperament of the former spouse.
a photo: Leonid VALEEV



Irina Lobachyov is pregnant?

Behind show side scenes the hearing that Irina Lobachyov is pregnant is actively discussed. Ostensibly the novel which attribute to the figure skater, with actor Dmitry Marjanovym - not empty hearing. And spring of 2010 of steam expects addition.

- Thanks, of course, only I am not pregnant! - Irina has sighed. - To me all the day long call with congratulations. I also am glad, but after all it`s not true. I think, me have simply mixed with Maria Petrovoj (eks - world champions on figure skating Alexey Tikhonov and Maria Petrov wait for the firstborn. - Red.) .


following participants of the project are At present known:

Vadim Kolganov - Anna Semenovich
Dmitry Marjanov - Irina Lobachyov
Anastasia Volochkova - Maxim Marinin
Anna Bolshova - Povilas Vanagas
Valery Lansky - Alexey Jagudin
Tatyana Navka - Marat Basharov
Peter Krasilov - Margarita Drobjazko
Alisa Grebenshchikova - Maxim Stavisky
Misha Galustjan - Elena Berezhnaja.

Peter Krasilov all training carried the partner Margarita Drobjazko on hands.
a photo: Leonid VALEEV