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The Krasnodar football players have found replacement Kasaevu

Whom have got?

Eh, why “ Kuban “ not super - club? I now at all about game performed by our football players. Last day before closing of a transfer window has passed in Krasnodar silently and easy, as well as it is necessary to peripheral club. Sensations any to you, scandals, loud statements and hysterics of fans.

Short news on information tapes that “ Kuban “ the next foreigner has filled up, has quickly got lost.

This time it is the Romanian from club “ Gloria “ Andrey Mureshan, which, as well as “ Kuban “ struggles for the right to remain in the higher football battalion of the country. So to flounder in the bottom of standings to Andrey not to get used.

By the way, acquisitions at “ Kuban “ there is enough. However, the usual fan of a surname of beginners has not enough about what will tell.

to Hammer for most nezabivnuju in " command; the prime minister - leagues “ now there will be Igor Shevchenko.

the Black Trinity - Aruna Babangida, Emmanuel Okoduva and Zuela Fransishku - already has had time to show itself. So, Aruna already became for fans something like “ kasaevozamenitelja “. tehnichnyj, fast, constantly plays, more often does not see partners. Score a goal it could already in the first match for “ Kuban “ it is a pity only that blow has had in a bar. And here Okoduva all - taki has had time to be noted in a match against “ the Locomotive “ - a goal pass on Arthur Tlisova. But to compete for a place in a starting lineup to it it is necessary with the best bombardirom commands Dramanom Traore, and it not so - that is simple.

As to Zuely it, it is possible to tell, hit in a point. Such football player did not suffice us. The present column of defence which very much would be useful in a match against “ Loko “.

to Hammer for most nezabivnuju in " command; the prime minister - leagues “ now there will be Igor Shevchenko. The dvadtsatichetyrehletny football player played before for groznensky “ Terek “. In a line-up from capital of the Chechen Republic he has led only 9 matches this year. To name its super - the forward hard. It hammers seldom enough to what the statistics bears. This year it never afflicted goalkeepers of rivals. Last year for “ the Beam - Energy “ has spent 25 matches and nakolotil all - that 5 goals. And two years ago in Samara “ Krylja Sovetov “ he only has unpacked once gate - and it in 14 games. But, can, in “ Kuban “ the football player, as they say, will break through, and goals will go one after another.

Zuela Fransishku
the Photo: fckuban. ru

And whom have lost?

As it usually happens, clubs are more solid in the summer seriously become stronger. Buy star foreigners or our talented children from clubs with more modest financial and game possibilities. Greens of denominations and prospect of Euro cups blind often young guys. To tell that it is bad, language will not turn. Well who would not like to grow! On the other hand, all it affects game of thy favorite team and then to a course there are the most impartial epithets.

the Vivid example - our Alan Kasaev. eks - to the halfback “ Kuban “ several brilliant matches have sufficed to attract attention of bosses Kazan “ the Ruby “. Helmsmen of club have not stinted. By the way, ours, forgive, the Kazan Alan already debuted for the new club in a match against “ Spartaka “. However, the head coach has entrusted Kasaevu to spend in the field of minutes fifteen.

One more loss “ Kuban “ - Sani Kejta. Not absolutely clearly, what for this football player “ to the Locomotive “ after all on a position “ opornika “ in capital club almost the greatest competition.

Besides two notable losses bosses “ Kuban “ without a regret have left variety of players. In rent Sreten Sretenovich, Dmitry Gorbushin and Alexey Kuchuk are sent. And here Alexander Tihonovetsky is sent on free corn. However, without work eks - kubanets was not long. The scandalous forward has sheltered at itself “ the Beam - Energy “ from Vladivostok. It is necessary to tell that all set forth above seldom left in the basic structure of club in the field, so losses of fighters “ Kuban “ most likely, also will not notice.

And, at last, good news - Draman Haminu remains in the command at least till the winter. Hearings about transition in English club and remained hearings.


As the command for half a year

1 - j a match of a season against " has changed; the Ruby “:

In collars: Karjukin

Protection: Sretenovich, Zaseev, Dzhioev, Boaventura

Half-backs: Tlisov, Ushenin, Kasaev, Haminu, Bajryev, Kejta, the Attack: Traore, Kuchuk

Last match against “ the Locomotive “

In collars: Stepans, Karjukin

Protection: Boaventura, Dzhioev, Zaseev, Hagush,

Half-backs: I Trample down, Tlisov, Haminu, Zhavnerchik, Babangida, Skvernjuk.

the Attack: Okoduva, Shevchenko

*βμερςε with the football players leaving on replacement, turns out that only six football players took part in both matches. The command has changed exactly half.