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The mayor of Novosibirsk « has won » overseas visitors at Paris

Since September, 10th in the Siberian capital - session of youth G8. The international organising committee planned that representatives G8 will meet in Paris. But in diplomatic negotiations Novosibirsk has won the right to accept delegation.

Since morning Vladimir Gorodetsky has welcomed visitors of eight countries in the mayoralty. After acquaintance to head at delegation - numerous excursions and forums. The general a subject congress - the Global infrastructure of innovations . In other words, it is necessary for visitors to look, as at us the city and than bleshchet a science develops.    

Then to participants it is necessary to sign the document on work results. It will direct to the Governments of the countries Groups of eight . So, it is very probable that achievements of Novosibirsk are will added to the arsenal by overseas politicians.

- I am glad that youth G8 effectively forms opinion with which arms the government, - is proud Gorodetsky has told. - and we, having practice of dialogue with youth, we will gather something new.

the Inquiry

delegation G8 includes predstaivteli the USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Italy.