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The winner of the project “ a success Secret “ Ilya VASILEV:“ The school diary, spotted them “ red “ records and remarks, I store till now ”Russian & World News.

Living now in Moscow I very often and with the big warmth I remember the favourite Vjatsky humanitarian grammar school, its teachers and pupils. It is necessary to tell that many of graduates of this school have got over in capital and have achieved the big results in various spheres of life. All of us keep on communication, we see and with pleasure we discuss school days.

I Will begin that the native grammar school was remembered to me in two different forms - as the Temple of education and as a perfect creative workshop!

On the one hand, I understand that the studies found for years in VGG fundamental knowledge, an outlook and manners allow me to feel equally confidently both on a secular reception, and on a wood glade. On the other hand, the creative beginning engendered in school days so has strongly taken roots in me that has outgrown in business of all my life!

I with the big warmth remember the first teacher Shakleinu Valentine Grigorevnu and such legendary Teachers (from capital letter), as Galina Tihonovna Gamova, Albina Germogenovna Shurakova, Nina Aleksandrovna Zhidelyova, Hlusjanova Valentina Ivanovna, Poljakova Nadezhda Nikolaevna! The school diary, spotted them “ red “ records and remarks, I store till now and with the great pleasure I re-read. As it was found out, such reflexion - an excellent way for a mood raising! And that stand them “ familiar expressions “ which all school adopted and quoted everywhere...

I am very grateful to the remarkable person Dmitry Jurevichu Pereskokovu, always Dmitrievoj Olga Georgievne full of ideas and all! All! All!

At a wheel of the big frigate under the name “ VGG “ in my ten years` swimming there was a brilliant CAPTAIN, the brightest person, the perfect speaker and simply good person Alexander Aleksandrovich Galitsky! In my life he has played the big role and after the grammar school termination!

Is very pleasant to realise that graduates and teachers of a grammar school (without dependence from time of their training and teaching) is a uniform organism, the uniform system, one FAMILY! It is really felt! We are in different cities and even the countries, but our communications do not faint! The grammar school was that link which allows people of different trades and vital positions to keep together - their chain all spreads and becomes stronger every year!