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From 1300 only 500 families have received grants for the rent in Krasnoyarsk

More and more Krasnoyarsk citizens who from - for crisis remained without work, aspires to receive grants for housing and communal services fee. Only for eight months of this year 1 365 persons were converted into departments sotszashchity. But only 500 families have received grants. The others have not passed under the basic requirements:

- the reduced workers can count On support, those whom have translated to the incomplete working day, have sent in no-charge holidays, - have explained in a press - service of the ministry of social policy. - recently in the list of those who has the right to receive a grant, have included dismissed at own will or under the agreement of parties.

Save on utility bills can not only the Krasnoyarsk citizens who have lost work. But also at whom the small income.

we Will remind, count on a grant families, in which average income on each person in a month no more than fivefold size of a living wage can. In Krasnoyarsk the living wage makes 5 296 roubles. We multiply by five, 26 480 roubles turn out. But it does not mean that all who has such sum, can count on a grant. The size of your rent is considered also, and the grant is in each specific case calculated especially individually. An example: the family from three persons earns in a month of 20 thousand roubles (on all), and the rent at them makes 3000 roubles. Experts from department of housing grants have counted up that the given family needs a grant in 1 400 roubles. That is the rent decreases almost half.

the Cumulative monthly income of a family
the Cumulative income of this family on one person


All the person
the Average family living wage
income Factor to a living wage
the Maximum admissible share of expenses (%)
Payment of habitation and utilities taking into account privileges
the Grant to a family on payment of habitation and utilities