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At what documentary film to look tonight

Tonight watch a film about actor Evgenie Morgunove. The beginning of its creative way was really fantastic, - differently and will not tell. In 1943 young Eugene Morgunov writes the letter to the Kremlin to the Stalin, with words: I Ask to accept me in art . It touches Stalin. And it personally allows the order to enlist Morgunova in VGIK. Subsequently, when the national favourite, the honoured artist of RSFSR Evgenie Morgunov told this story, to it did not believe. Considered as the next draw in which to Morgunovu equal was not.

in the actor`s environment it named precisely Skilled, by a nickname of the character of comedies of Leonid Gajdaja. This name so is strong to Morgunovu has grown, what even became its second life. And, perhaps, and the first - so it was in harmony with its nature. It joked always and everywhere - in the bus, on reception at the doctor, in an office of the official, in a bakery. Played all - friends, colleagues, chiefs and even strangers. Did it with extremely serious kind, and the person did not guess more often that became object of the next joke of the actor.

but only very close people knew that an image Skilled, jokes and draws are only a mask

Behind a mask of Skilled. Evgenie Morgunov Russia, 22. 50