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People have occurred from the Georgian

For quite some time now Georgia applies for being considered as an ancestral home of the first Europeans. And so and a western civilisation cradle. As in territory of this country the first our apelike ancestors who have come from Africa have lodged. Have here again started to turn to people.

as the Basis for promotion primitive the Georgian in the first links of evolution finds have served in mounts about the city of Dmanisi, made with 1999 for 2001. There their bones, which as scientists recently have solved, already 1,8 million years are found out. Particularly it was possible to dig out six skulls and remains of skeletons. It is recognised that it is the oldest bones found outside of Africa where as it is accepted to think, millions years ago monkeys have got the first human lines.


the Brain at professor Lordkipanidze twice more than at its far ancestor. Evolution, however...


Humanoid Georgians were growth about one and a half metres, weighed under 50 kgs, a brain had twice less, than present - about 600 cubic centimetres. But were able to do instruments of labour, hunted, prepared meat and edible plants.

In what here business actually? The essence was explained by professor David Lordkipanidze, the director of the Georgian National museum, having acted one of these days at the British festival of a science.   as he said, finds near Dmanisi contradict the settled sights. After all it is considered to be that ancestors have come to Europe from Africa about one million years ago. And looked like close to the modern. And already were able to make   various instruments of labour. And leaves that have come much earlier - already on 800 thousand years. Were still similar to monkeys. And to seize needlework and other useful skills became directly in Georgia.


the Skulls found in mounts about the city of Dmanisi


Scientists now do not exclude that all western civilisation has occurred from humanoid the Georgian which were settled in due course from mounts. Thus their part has returned to Africa and there has risen on some steps of evolution. But   then has again come to Europe. But the part remained. So the presents, radical, Georgians it, seemingly,   what conduct the sort from the ancestors found in Dmanisi. The others - alien - the second wave of resettlement from Africa.


And hobbits were Georgians?

the Hobbit (at the left) was same, as the primitive Georgian. Only there is less growth

it is surprising, but with people from Dmanisi it has appeared other archaeological opening - on other end of the world is closely connected. Namely a find of bones of strange little men in 2004 during excavation on island Flores (Indonesia). Then scientists have come across a skeleton adult 37 - the summer woman which growth did not exceed 60 centimetres (!) .

Dwarfs named hobbits.
after much debate - sick hobbits or simply such tiny were born - scientists have assumed that they, most likely, normal and healthy beings. That is, not freaks with developmental anomalies. And are representatives of a certain lateral branch of the person. Also it is visible, too have come from Africa as have the remote similarity to local monkeys. But for any mysterious reason natives crushed. And strongly developed   reason were not typed.

last year   Keran Maknulti from University Minesoty has spent (USA)   the comparative three dimensional analysis of anthopometrical indicators of the modern person, the Neanderthal man and all intermediate stages of the person known for today ancient.

the Researcher has defined   a parity of length of feet and hands to a body, the size of a step and other parametres. It has appeared that on proportions the Indonesian hobbit almost ideally coincides   with the primitive Georgian from   Dmanisi. At they be very long hands. And the structure is that that in the weakened status the palm settled down   turned out outside.

the Difference between the hobbit and the first European only in growth - at one 60 centimetres, at another - 150. Why they are so connected anthropologically? At researchers   while   there is no answer. But it is possible, it will be given by new excavation in area Dmanisi - works there proceed.