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On start! Attention! Have spread!

such, perhaps, yet did not see even skilled FOK Star . Never before its tribune was not filled with so young public, and on sports arena absolutely tiny sportsmen did not creep out such bright, but. Dummies were lost, the toys fell, some kids were tired to creep and persistently continued to move to finish lying on puzikah. But that you will not take away from this feast - so it is universal fun and good mood. And it was, seemingly, equally interesting as to small participants running and to their parents, grandmothers and grandfathers.

And all this alarm, actually, has begun that - Saratov one fine day declared the beginning of check in of all wishing to take part in unusual sports competitions - Running in toddlers . Fairly we admit, at the very beginning of the action we and did not assume, in what is all will pour out. And with pleasant surprise have found out that in Saratov it is a lot of the parents firmly convinced in sports abilities of the kids. Finally application forms for participation was so much that if all interested persons have taken part in a sports feast, it would be stretched for all day. Those who has not got on the first competitions, this sabbatical morning have come to be ill for friends, brothers and little sisters. Having seen at an input in FOK such quantity of kids on hands at parents, mummies joined a feast, shirking kiddies in square.

the Happy family of participants with a photo album from shop the Tape . Look the PHOTO GALLERY

Competitions passed in three age categories: grudnichki till 9 months, kids from 1 year till 2 years and karapuzy are more senior - from 2 till 3 years. In total in competitions have taken part about 70 kids.

it is unconditional, alone we hardly could organise such colourful feast for children and their parents. Warm words of gratitude for active support of action are passed by us to our old partner - to the Saratov branch of Open Society Vympelcom (TM a Biline ) .   the Company not only has given perfect prizes to participants of competitions and has helped to decorate a gym - kids with pleasure played and danced with the cheerful is yellow - black bees whom also has brought on a feast a Biline . Our partners have prepared a gift and for adult participants of a feast - all interested persons could be connected to the tariff plan All is clear on   unique conditions and to receive thus every possible bonuses and 90 free minutes. According to visitors, such gift for parents was very opportunely! Among advantages of the tariff All is clear - calls of any duration on 1 rouble with 7. 00 to 12. 00. The tariff is convenient for parents who devote all time to care of the kid, communicate by phone much and have got used to solve with its help different questions. And in the end of a feast a Biline has handed over a prize to the most sports family of Efremovyh. By the way, by a lucky chance Xenia that day just had a birthday. Xenia`s mum did not hide pleasure for a daughter and has thanked the Company for an unexpected and pleasant gift:

- the Operator a Biline it is familiar very many saratovtsam. Always bright, it decorates any feast. Bees, have pleased balloons and striped gifts not only children, but also adults. We with a daughter very much liked a feast! - she has told.

  carefully prepared Joint-Stock Companies " had very opportunely; the Georesource bottles with water - they were useful as participants   competitions, and the excited passion to fans.

the Winner of competitions Grigor Babayan is glad to a gift from shop Mamikosha . Look the PHOTO GALLERY

have subdued small sportsmen and surprising eyes of other hero of a feast - Mamikoshi which have arrived together with Elena Slepovoj operating the with the same name shop Literally. I will remind that a hypermarket Mamikosha located in Factory area, from the very first days works in Saratov it was fell in love both to parents, and their children. And it is not surprising, after all is primary, according to Elena, the company was created by loving parents for parents and children. And what is necessary for our children? Certainly, only high-quality production. And that it would be desirable for all parents? To get all necessary for reasonable prices. And a hypermarket Mamikosha just meets these requirements and expectations. Here you can find for the child all necessary -   Teenage and children`s clothes, every possible toys, baby food, children`s furniture -   only the highest quality from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers. And, by the way, at very democratic prices. But the firm management is not going to stop on reached and plans to expand a chain store system; this year one more hypermarket in city centre will be opened; the site www has started to function. mamikosha. ru on which there is all information on the goods, shop actions. Children and their parents Mamikosha waits at itself at a forum where children can communicate and share news, good mood, and parents - the wishes of administration of shop. As Marina Zaharova who has arrived that day on a feast with two sons   has told to me; - three-year Artemom and first-grader Andrey, - in Mamikoshe they with the husband buy all necessary for the boys.

Both children, and adults about pleasure were photographed with the bee from a Biline . Look the PHOTO GALLERY

- We live in Factory area, near to a hypermarket so when the Subject or Andrjushe should buy something, I should not wait for the husband from work and to go on a market or to the central shops. In Mamikoshu we go and behind gifts to birthdays of numerous friends of our boys - there always it is possible to pick up something original that it will not be exact in other children`s shops.

But besides all other worthiness, Mamikosha Also socially focused organisation which is realising set of own social programs and actively taking part in life of Saratov - in various charitable actions in protection of the childhood and the organisation of children`s feasts. Here and this time the hypermarket management has responded at once to the invitation to take part in our feast and has given remarkable prizes to winners.

Also we give thanks   a hypermarket the Tape which has given prizes to winners   and to all participants of competitions. From the first steps on the Saratov earth the Tape positioned itself as socially responsible company, taking part in all significant events for a city.

And a principle of work of a hypermarket differently as socially focused you will not name. The prices practically on all goods here at least   for 5 percent more low srednerynochnyh. And it at all to the detriment of quality of production. If you want to save, pay attention to production of the private stamp the Tape and 365 days which cost considerably below the similar goods of other manufacturers. One more possibility to save is a map of the steady customer which allows to get the goods about 5 % - ache a discount. And discounts for the goods Regular catalogues and Seasonal actions can reach 30 % and 70 % accordingly. Also in a hypermarket production of local manufacturers which can be found under green price lists is presented.

the Hero of a feast Mamikosha (on the right). Look the PHOTO GALLERY

- We receive the goods at the best prices from suppliers that gives the chance to us to offer the low prices to our buyers who in so hard time especially need it. We intend to adhere to the similar policy and henceforth, - the director of a trading complex " speaks; the Tape Ilya Poddubny.

And meanwhile, tiny participants of running at all did not pay attention to problems of adults - behind a cellular telephone or the favourite machine, behind a soft toy or is simple for mum creeping ahead on all fours, they diligently aspired to finish.

We wanted to carry out unique family action on which it would be identical cheerfully both big, and small, that who already is steady on the legs, and that who uncertainly does the first steps, looks at the world for the present from below upwards. Leah was pleasant to you, saratovtsy, our idea? Judging by responses of public - it was pleasant. A leah we are happy with the invention - more than are happy! So are happy that we are not going to stop on the reached. However, for the present precisely we do not know, who following heroes of our feast will be. Perhaps, it will be mummies only expecting addition in family? And can, the idea is will prompted by you, expensive our readers?

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