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On Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION have brought spetsgruz for restoration of the destroyed roof

every day with Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION new news how there is a repair, analysis of blockages come.

Today on station there should arrive two trucks with metal designs for restoration of a machine hall.

Mashzal will make just the same as before failure

- Metal tubular designs weigh 40 tons, - tell in a press - service RusGidro . - From them also will collect a roof and the case mashzala. Them will do just the same what was failed, using the same materials and technology. Therefore designs also carry from factory - the manufacturer in the Nizhniy Novgorod region.

In the meantime at factory the second party of materials already prepares for sending for roof repair.

the Primary goal now, according to builders, - erection of a roof and restoration of a thermal contour to colds (to make it plan by November, 11th). That at station it was possible to work in the winter.

Families of victims argue among themselves from - for money

In the meantime to families which have lost at failure of relatives, continue to pay indemnifications.

the Total sum which was already received by people,   - 94,5 million roubles.

However, as have told to us in the centre of the social help to the victim (it is organised in Cheremushkah), with payments often there are complexities:

- I will not hide - some people start disputes from - for money, - Elena Gasypova, the worker of the centre of the social help to the victim on Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION tells. - Unfortunately, there are people whom, hardly having had time to bury relatives, start to divide among themselves the money allocated RusGidro . We, of course, simply so do not give payment, for this purpose it is necessary to fill the special statement, it will be considered by the commission. Lawyers enter into it, and sotszashchita, and members of trade-union committee also.

Money is paid only to one person for this reason there are conflicts between people. Here to you an example: the woman tragically was lost. Her husband thinks what to receive one million it should. And parents of the woman consider that they. Who here is right? We in such cases try to reconcile people. And if it does not leave, we divide money fifty-fifty between debaters.

the Wife of the missing person believes that her husband is live

- People can to lose hope, many believe that their relatives are live. It is very difficult to all of us to believe that in one day there was such terrible tragedy which has carried away lives stolkih people., - tells a press - the secretary RusGidro Elena Vishnjakova. - for example, Maxim Zholob is considered till now the missing person.

His wife Julja does not believe that her husband was lost. She refused to receive money (though they rely also to families of missing persons). The Heart-broken woman is assured that failure on HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION was the result of act of terrorism. And her husband is live till now, it cannot simply find. Round it there and then there were hearings about the saboteur, pronikshem on station.

- I can Unequivocally tell that no saboteurs at station existing. Protection system on HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION for hundred percent the effective. By the way, still I want to remind, the investigatory committee in the very first days after failure has rejected possibility of act of terrorism. - Elena Vishnjakova

Now inhabitants of Cheremushek underlines remember last year`s history when on Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION the saboteur who was detained by security service has got. It were doctrines, and in a role of the saboteur the disguised militiaman has acted. But now this history directly co-ordinates with terrible failure on August, 17th. And as many other things, now almost magic, signs explains to inhabitants of the cause of the tragedy which have carried away lives of 75 persons. Probably, only on September, 15th, when commission Rostehnadzora declares results of investigation, in Cheremushki rest will come at least small, but.

state of emergency on Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. Chronology of events