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To mother having many children from the Tver region have handed over a medal Glory of mother

Yesterday in day of the happy three nine, on September, 9th, young men registered marriages. The majority of them at once declared the desire to have children, and it is a lot of.
And in rural settlement Itomlja of the Rzhev area there was a joyful and rare event - delivery of a regional award Glory of mother . The inhabitant of village Ozerjutino - mother of eight of children became the heroine of a feast of Faina Osipov.

Faina Osipov was born in 1937, for the long life it has nurtured four sons and four daughters. Now, in 72 years, it not only happy mum, but also the grandmother and even the great-grandmother.
Faina Osipov has nurtured 8 children and 27 grandsons.
a photo: Olga Moiseevoj
Now at it 27 grandsons and two great-grandsons.

seven its children remained to live in the Tver region. Here have settled, have established families, pleased mum with grandsons, and those, in turn, continue to please with great-grandsons. And only the elder son has left to Samara. It has gone in the footsteps of mother and became the father having many children, it managed to overtake the mum, at it nine children. So it is possible to tell that the possession of many children became kind family tradition.

- Faina Osipov - the brave woman! Such families - the big rarity. Here imagine a situation that what that the modern woman has given birth to eight of children. - with a smile in a voice Nina Antonova, the chief of territorial department of social protection of the population of the Rzhev area has told. - therefore it is possible to tell that the award has found the hero. Besides, Faine have handed over memorable gifts and reading and writing, and the area administration has handed over the colour TV as the award.

for the long life mother - heroine Faina Osipov has mastered trades of the bookkeeper, the milkmaid. Nevertheless, the woman considers as the main work and meaning of the life motherhood.