Rus News Journal

Caught a grief - the driver, and have caught the criminal!

as this did not want 39 - summer vladimirets to come into the hands the militia! He was ready even to run on kitchen gardens.

And the history of a pursuit has begun with failure. On Monday, on September, 7th, at turn on industrial complex Hothouse three cars - " have faced; the Gazelle VAZ - 21053 and Nissan - Skajlajn . The driver " has appeared the originator of collision; Nissan . On a place of accident have called inspectors of traffic police, and at this time a grief - the driver and a trace has caught a cold. Other participants of failure have appeared on a place. They - that also have prompted to inspectors where the originator of road accident has flowed away.

- As victims have informed, this man towards country sites has run, - have informed us in department of propagation of regional traffic police. - have into place called two more dresses, and all together they have started to comb territory. On signs of the fugitive quickly have found in gardens.

As it is necessary, further GAI officers began to make gaugings on a place of accident. And at this time the fugitive has again tried to give I tear up and, speaking to report language, showed resistance . The inaccurate driver delivered in the department of militia earlier known as Frunze ROVD. Here also it was found out that in militia hands has got 39 - summer vladimirets Michael Usachyov who is in federal search
on the Department of Internal Affairs of the Magadan area.