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On the Victory area there will be an interactive monument

At a memorial, near to Eternal fire, there will be an unusual terminal. Vladimir`s any townsman, and also tourists can find the information on each front-line soldier which has left the regional centre in 1941 on front in it and has not come back home.

the data will be stored In memory of the terminal not only about all lost front-line soldiers of a city, but also about missing persons in that war. It more than 11 thousand surnames. In goradministratsii for a long time wanted to immortalise memory of heroes - vladimirtsev, but all surnames on a memorial you will not beat out. And the electronic terminal - a good way out.

- For the present much is not finished, - have told in a press - service of city administration. - but approximately it will look so. All surnames will be brought in memory of the computer an alphabetic order. The person approaches, types the necessary letter and sees all list.

Except vamilii, a name and a patronymic it will be possible to learn, in what part and in what years the front-line soldier ministered. Next week the working group on realisation of the project which will discuss all details will gather. One of important points - how to make the terminal antivandalnym that it have not spoilt.