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The servicing centre: the first in Lgove, the eighth in Kursk area

at inhabitants of Lgova was on September, 1st a double feast - Day of knowledge smoothly has flowed in opening of the Center of servicing (TSOK) the Kursk power marketing company. Realising joint with administration of Kursk area the investment program on development of system of servicing, the Kursk power marketing company has opened in areas of area seven TSOKov, Lgovsky - the eighth.

Shareholders Kursk power marketing - the company energostrim - pays much attention to a question of perfection of system of service of the clients. As the Kursk power marketing assistant to the general director of Open Company " has noted at solemn opening lgovskogo the Center of servicing; energostrim Alexey Karmakov, results here is available:

  - Creation TSOKov allows to solve problems of our subscribers, giving thanks to their work has raised not only level of service, but also a collecting of payments.

Interest in occurrence TSOKov shows also a management of Kursk area. The chairman of regional committee on work with territories and public organisations Alexander Rukin, greeting occurrence of the eighth TSOKa Kursk ESK, has especially noted feature traditional for the company in its work - to transform fee for the consumer from a burdensome duty into pleasure. According to the vice-president of committee of the industry and power of Kursk area of Nikolay Tretjakova, governor Mihajlov is literally recently met shareholders and a management of the Kursk power marketing company therefore there was a draught agreement on the cooperation, providing also the further development of a network of the Centers of service. By the way, till the end of the year Kursk power marketing promises to open four more TSOKa. And by 2011 they will appear in each area of Kursk area. Such approach - the certificate of that the Kursk power marketing company, providing uninterrupted and qualitative power supply of consumers, continues to be guided by performance of socially significant projects directed for the blessing of Kursk area and its inhabitants.

For today the Centers of servicing working by a principle one window already there is in Solntsevo, Time, Glushkovo, Sudzhe, Manturovo, Fatezhe, Zheleznogorsk. Inhabitants of these regional centres and nearby settlements had an opportunity not only to pay here bills for the electric power and some utilities, but also to receive consultations on all questions connected with charge of payment, and even a legal aid. Only for seven months of current year into the servicing Centers it was converted more than 44 thousand consumers that speaks about their demand. The most important competitive advantage TSOKov of the Kursk power marketing company that reception of payments from physical persons here is made without commission gathering, and the commission from legal bodies does not exceed 1,5 percent. Now such possibility can use and lgovchane - TSOK where payments will be accepted, has settled down in a building of old winery, near to the collective-farm market. As the general director of the largest power marketing enterprise of region Sergey Tokarev has noted, the arrangement is reached that to an operating schedule of the Center of servicing Kursk power marketing will be added also Saturday. And it, according to the head of area Alexander Petrovicha Pijaltseva, is very convenient - people from the remote villages, coming on Saturday on the market on the affairs, at once will pay bills for the electric power so, it will not be necessary to reach here at week-day, spending for journey time and money.

But on it conveniences lgovskogo TSOKa do not come to an end. Kursk power marketing - the company focused on the consumer, therefore of it here care first of all. In the Center for visitors all conditions that they could not only to issue payments without delays are created, but also in case of need to receive answers to any electropower questions to engineers - sbytovikam, whose offices are here. Besides, it is very fast in lgovskom TSOKe - however, as well as in others TSOKah Kursk power marketing, - any client of the company irrespective of its site can pay bills for the electric power. It becomes possible thanks to program installation on automation of systems of billing, whose advantages have been shown Kursk power marketing at Korensky fair - 2009.

Except a hardware of the Centers of servicing Kursk ESK trains the personnel working here - all employees TSOKov, according to the general director of the company Sergey Tokarev, are well prepared and constantly raise the qualification. Now the Kursk power marketing company intends to raise literacy of the clients - ordinary consumers of the electric power, Tokarev considers, too it is necessary to train. It is literally in September on the basis of TSOKov will pass seminars both for legal, and for physical persons where experts will explain present all subtleties of work in modern conditions, including features of power supply and pricing.

Only figures

Figures - the certificate of conscientiousness and efficiency Kursk power marketing in mutual relations with counterparts. Only for service in transportation of the electric power to Open Society branch MRSK the Center - Kurskenergo from the beginning of year Kursk power marketing has listed more than 1 billion 300 million roubles, and till the end of the year will be listed still a billion order. Listed sbytovikami means including will be used by Kurskenergo for preparation to osenne - to a winter maximum 2009 - 2010.