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In 2010 in the Kirov region two new schools

O.ZHURAVLYOV - We will open, at last, have crept to the main subject of today, because tomorrow on September, 1st. It would be desirable to talk about education. As to you came neither more, nor it is less as the minister of this science and education Andrey Fursenko.

N. WHITE - Neither it is more, nor it is less as on Saturday. In the day off.

O.ZHURAVLYOV - And heading all in the same, unloved you the heading form in the Vjatsky observer : the Kirov high schools have suffered from quality school education in region. That at you for magic region such depressive with the highest quality of education at school. And how high schools have suffered from it?

N. WHITE - At us really very good secondary education. At all of us, as to schools, on different indicators it not only Unified State Examination, but also quantity of winners, prize-winners of the All-Russia Olympic Games, quantity of medallists we on the integrated indicators enter into ten, can be even the five of the best regions of Russia. And as it is all it is considered and checked, it recognises many including Minister of Education and Science A. A.Fursenko too has confirmed it. A problem I already spoke repeatedly in other. A problem that upon termination of school very many well left school, with high indicators both on Unified State Examination and under certificates, they aspire to leave region. As do not see its prospects. It is clear. A problem which has developed not now and at all 5 years ago.

O.ZHURAVLYOV - And Unified State Examination has aggravated this problem? Has facilitated receipt in other high schools?

N. WHITE - Unified State Examination has really created possibility for people to step over a certain psychological barrier. That is if earlier all the same, district to Moscow or study in capital or Petersburg high schools was conceived as a certain unattainable purpose with such fan mailing of results of Unified State Examination it became possible and valid our high schools regional have missed the Kirov. That is have missed graduates Kirov though has increased and finally they have not lost, have more likely won, because the quantity of visitors from other regions has increased. Because so it has turned out, what our high schools already for a long time work in Unified State Examination system

Century ROMENSKY - That is to Kirov there come people from the next regions which well there have passed the Unified State Examination?

N. WHITE - That you so are surprised. By the way, Kirov very decent city. And on a parity the price - quality on a broader scale in the world I consider the best city. Yes, we have enough considerable quantity and from republic Komi, from the Kostroma region, from Vologda.

Century ROMENSKY - Nevertheless, seven high schools and more than 20 branches of other high schools. And according to Fursenko it is a lot of, a leah that is it suggests what to close them?

N. WHITE - He suggests them to consolidate. And offers in very correct form. It is a question of not simply redundancy for today. A problem that the demographic situation develops in such a manner that I probably, I will repeat the figures, which many already heard, if at us in 2006 was one million 300 thousand graduates in it was 800. In 2011 it is planned 600 thousand. And if to take the Kirov region, at us three years ago was 14 thousand graduates, this year 6900. That is more than the quantity has twice decreased. And it is obvious that that market on which high schools battle, it is narrowed. It will be narrowed to 2014 - 15 years, we this year if to look at a demography both Russian and our regional, at us the increase on pervoklashkam for the first time has gone.

an island ZHURAVLYOV - By the way, the general statistics across Russia says that pervoklashek became more.

N. WHITE - Across Russia of 150 thousand, at us some honeycombs, that is significant and visible increase are clear. The hole demographic on graduates will fall, and to keep on a low level until as present first-graders will end 11 years. It very much a heartrending experience for high schools. All is clear, there is a market of the seller, there is a market of the buyer.

Century ROMENSKY - Simply now does not suffice people.

N. WHITE - Certainly. This year our high schools have passed really enough not bad owing to that have appeared more are ready, and we discussed this subject at a meeting with rectors of high schools and with the minister. But already next year, I do not speak about 2011, maybe, very much year heavy.

Century ROMENSKY - the Person I idle time, will tell without concealing. What is the word consolidation

N. WHITE - Association.

Century ROMENSKY - Yes, that is high schools and 20 branches should merge together as - that or with whom?

N. WHITE - They can or stop simply the activity in region territory, and their students can pass accordingly in other high schools. Certainly, branches in itself cannot neither unite, nor be closed. This decision of their head high schools. At a meeting with rectors of high schools were present only the rector of independent educational institutions. It was the recommendation it, that is first of all that who concerns completely conducting the Ministry of Education. Because there are medical academies, where profile Minzdravsotszashchity. There is an agricultural academy, at which profile ministry - the Ministry of Agriculture. To those high schools which concern completely an education system, it was offered to them to think very correctly on a subject of possibility of association. I consider, a step absolutely correct. I consider that in those conditions present and at all in these conditions, association, strengthening of high schools from the point of view of material, from the point of view of teaching structure and from the point of view of optimisation of expenses, a piece useful. And in conditions when the quantity of graduates is reduced, there God ordered to me it seems.

O.ZHURAVLYOV - Perhaps, we will pass already from high schools to your strong place - initial and to secondary education. There is on September, 1st an information, what maintenance of the Russian schools with Internet channels how in Vyatka with it is? At you in depressive region difficultly it was necessary with internetizatsiej?

N. WHITE - Yes it is simple, as same the national project. And that internetizatsija schools which passed, it passed basically at the expense of federal funds. Therefore real penetration of the Internet into schools the absolute. Each school is connected. Another matter that a question arises what to consider as school connection to the Internet. When the Internet on the computer of the director or the secretary of it is enough or not. It is natural, if we speak about high-grade internetizatsii, about possibility not only teachers, but also pupils let in a certain mode, it is clear that nobody is going to do so that at any moment at a lesson it was possible to start to work on the Internet, actually, school process will be stopped. But, nevertheless, that there was any possibility of an Internet access for reception of this or that information, that is for information transfer, here the unequivocal understanding is not present. Strict requirements that such internetizatsija schools do not exist.

O.ZHURAVLYOV - But you for yourselves as - that have defined it?

Century ROMENSKY - there would be 9 computers on all school, was there was a class, on - to mine, already not bad.

N. WHITE - the Class is. Computer classes are everywhere.

O.ZHURAVLYOV - All of them can be connected?

N. WHITE - Yes. That is it is a class which works at computer science lessons. Simply it is a question of other. The present youth already absolutely fairly demands connection possibility to the Internet not only within the limits of planned lessons of computer science, but also in usual life.

Century ROMENSKY - At us it occurred so, at school there were computer science lessons, and there was a computer class so-called, always on peremenkah you could come there or after employment, to sit down, leave in the Internet, to look at any things.

N. WHITE - At major school Volodja because not only

O.ZHURAVLYOV - Presently, Nikita Jurevich, and computers - that were not at all schools studied.

N. WHITE - basically the numbered calculators. Certainly, such access is not present. The computer class really works in a mode of lessons of the computer science, those points of an Internet access which are even at the most decent well equipped, most prestigious schools, from 2 to 4 points which have a possibility to be connected under the permission of the teacher or still as - that. It is clear that there are technologically more simple variants. But they more difficult for the service consumer. We have schools, grammar schools, where, let us assume, vajfaj on a floor. But it is clear that presence vajfaja and its use demands laptop presence. Which not only that is far not at everyone, and it is not enough at whom from schoolboys is and can be. Therefore I think that we will go all - taki on a line and vajfaizatsii, and lines of increase in points of direct access to the Internet in each of schools.

O.ZHURAVLYOV - Then give from difficult to the simple. The Internet like at schools more - less is. And here all the rest. At us school preparation, check goes, we had some time ago stories with a school collapse. Checks go like regular how at you in region it is all is put? Sanitary - hygienic, still any check. Building examinations. Were prepared, were in time, a leah you know all about it?

N. WHITE - To a question on complexities from life of governors. Delivery of schools by an academic year it, preparation for a cold season still, probably, creates the same headache and a problem for governors. There are two departments. This Ministry of Emergency Measures, first of all regarding fire protection. And Rospotrebnadzor. Rospotrebnadzor still as - that it is ready to discussions that is called.

Century ROMENSKY - And how it is possible to discuss?

O.ZHURAVLYOV - With Rospotrebnadzorom.

N. WHITE - remarks There stand out, it is clear that it is possible to give out them in a mode - everything, have closed school or we do not give the admission, or in a mode - here to you month, within a month you should correct it. It is clear that the second variant it more sparing and loyal in relation to educational institutions. From the Ministry of Emergency Measures it is much more difficult. At them more religiously requirements.

O.ZHURAVLYOV - have this time closed any school?

N. WHITE - have not closed, we by September, 1st have not opened two schools. Therefore the general indicator on readiness of schools for academic year - 99,7 %. It is very high indicator. Last year we had 98 %, and that we considered that above, the previous management considered that it already a limit. This year 99,7 by inhuman efforts and huge budgetary injections in these uneasy conditions. I think that on this year many territories will report about absolute delivery though I have a deep belief that at normal check it is absolute delivery

O.ZHURAVLYOV - And what then to do, here at you schools will not open. What will people do? Pupils where will go?

N. WHITE - Will be taken by school buses to those establishments where study is possible.

O.ZHURAVLYOV - And it too your headache.

N. WHITE - Yes, naturally. On those schools which have not opened, that is according to plan we understood a situation on them and already there is a building of new schools, therefore instead of these two schools next year new two schools where children will be engaged will open.

O.ZHURAVLYOV - the Problem will be solved.