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In the Ulyanovsk region have countenanced the budget project the next year

Today, on September, 10th, members of the regional government have countenanced the budget project the next year and the planned period 2011 - 2012. For a basis of calculation of the budget have been accepted the specified regional budget of the Ulyanovsk region for 2009, key parametres   the forecast socially - economic development   areas on 2010 - 2012,   proceeding from the conservative scenario socially - an economic development of the region.

According to the Ministry of Finance of the Ulyanovsk region, the profitable part of the regional budget for 2010 was defined in volume of 15,042 billion roubles. It paid off, proceeding from the operating tax and budgetary legislation, but taking into account brought changes. For 2011 the sum of incomes makes 14 946,5 million roubles, for 2012 -   more than 15,5 billion roubles.

As to expenses of the regional budget maintenance of performance of all social guarantees before the population, and also carrying out of the weighed debt policy, rigid economy of available means and an interdiction of unjustified expenses was the prime purpose at their calculation. Besides, accounts payable growth under the accepted obligations in socially - cultural sphere and a public infrastructure is not supposed.

Being guided by these principles, experts of the regional Ministry of Finance in constructive cooperation with all regional structures have designed budget expenses in a following kind: on   2010 it is planned 16,8674 billion roubles of expenses, on 2011 - 2012 - 16,8969 and 17,6372 billion roubles accordingly. These sums will allow to provide macroeconomic stability in area, and also   long-term equation and stability regional and local budgets.

In the conditions of an astable economic situation the primary goal of the government of area at conducting a budgetary policy there is a maintenance of payment of a salary to workers of budgetary sphere, realisation   in full volume of measures of social support of the population, the state support of a road economy   and agriculture, small and average business, informs a press - service of the governor and the government.

Besides, as Olga Maksimushkina has informed the Minister of Finance of area, the region government the decision on reduction in 2010 of expenses on the maintenance of machinery of state on 30 % is accepted. It will allow to direct additional means for regional target programs, agricultural and road branches, and also on sofinansirovanie of some federal programs.

In spite of the fact that the budget was formed in the most complicated economic conditions, in it expenses on realisation of actions of the regional address program " are provided; Resettlement of the citizens living in territory of the Ulyanovsk region, from emergency available housing with the account of necessity of stimulation of the market of habitation in 2009, 2010 in the sum of 128,8 million roubles, on gasification of settlements of region in the sum of 150 million roubles, on development of an engineering infrastructure of the western area of Dimitrovgrad in the sum of 210 million roubles, on realisation of actions for major repairs of multiroom apartment houses in the sum of 33 million roubles.

On development of system of a road economy it is planned 196,9 million roubles, from them on sofinansirovanie buildings of bridge transition through Volga in Ulyanovsk in the sum of 44,6 million roubles. Expenses on support of small and average business are defined in the sum of 65 million roubles. On agricultural production support it is planned to direct   189,9 million roubles.

the Volume of the given financial help to budgets of municipal unions is planned for 2010 in the sum of 1,9683 billion roubles.

Sergey Morozov has demanded to build, by an example of the federal budget, system of rigid control over an expenditure of these budgetary funds municipal unions and in case of their inefficient use to return them in the regional budget.

Depending on economic possibilities of region the budget will be specified. Besides, after acceptance of the federal budget on 2010 - 2012 become known the sums of grants and subventions from the federal budget which are due to our region.

the Project of the regional budget will be taken out on hearings in area Legislative Assembly. Its timely acceptance will allow to begin in time financing of all branches, and also in time to accept budgets of municipal unions.