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Omichi born 9 - go numbers, have got married 09. 09. 09.

Unlike last years when the seven and the eight were happiness and infinity symbols, in day of the nine in Omsk the wedding boom was not. A leah it is connected by what in the turned kind 9 turns in 6? Or that for a long time this number did not associate with happiness, - it is not clear. Unique department of Department the REGISTRY OFFICE where wishing to be registered this day was more usual, became Soviet. In total in day of three nine here has exchanged rings 31 steams. It approximately as much, how much marry in the days off. There we also have gone.

the Registry office is full of visitors, cars approach on a porch. One steam another is replaced each 15 minutes. After inquiries of grooms and brides it became clear that many of them casually undersign this day. And only in destiny of some the nine plays an important role!

So, for Artema and Tatyana Tkachevyh this figure - a good luck symbol. artem was born on May, 9th, Tatyana - on March, 9th. They also have got acquainted in birthday of the groom!

- As we could choose other number for wedding? - Artem is surprised. - only it! And now we hope to live at least 90 years together!

Igor and Elena Voropaevy the wedding day was waited for by 8 years! It was required to pair so much to dare at this responsible step. All these years they have lived in a civil marriage, and in day of three nine have decided to legalise relations at last.

- We in day of the eights wanted to get married, - Igor speaks, - it has not turned out: have passed time of giving of documents. It was necessary to wait as early as a year! Have decided that if not 09. 09. 09 - that already never!

And here Dmitry and Natalia Onopa this day was pursued by failures. The svadebyj train was late more than on an hour. At friends the car, which else was completely serviceable yesterday, was not got at all! To mum of the groom have made an unsuccessful hairdress, and it had most to alter. But despite of everything, a newly-married couple hopes fortunately magics of numbers!

And we in turn wish all love which has got married in this day and good luck!

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