Rus News Journal

I the official. I do not understand, than I am engaged!

we informed that as a result of company FBK research was found out that Omsk officials manage to inhabitants of our region in 508 roubles a year (Officials see manage to everyone omichu in 508 roubles for a year) . this indicator have deduced as follows: a total sum of the maintenance of state bodies have divided into population. Besides, for a year expenses on employees at us were reduced more than to 8 %. Here that our readers about it think.

Evgenie Misko, the engineer:

- I doubt that I spend for officials in a year of only 500 roubles. I think that much more! In your statistics after all local authorities are considered only, and how much still leaves on federal soldiers? And and it is not necessary to speak about informal figures. On a broader scale, it would be not a pity to give both one thousand roubles, and five if representatives of the power worked normally. And after all you will come to them with a problem - and you send from an office in an office. And 10 roubles it is a pity to give to such servants of the people!

Valentina Soloveva, the pensioner:

- Statistics - frequently a thing biassed. In figures it is possible to twist somehow! On this research leaves that at us for officials spend less, than as a whole across Siberia. But after all it does not mean that at us the situation is better, than in the next regions. At least, I consider that in the Kemerovo region, under stories of my relatives, a standard of living above.

Andrey, the worker of one of regional administrations:

- Now I pass a trial period on a post of the expert of administration. Has come here from a hopelessness - other work to find difficult. Than should be engaged, itself I will not understand: Really almost I do nothing, only a paper damage! I that the beginner. But on - to mine, here leaves all only from one folder in another shift!

Irina Kovalenko, the homemaker:

- it is pleasant that though in something we it is better than the others! And for that at us love fear to make up: a pier, Omsk, depressive region. But after all knowingly speak: it is good there, where us neth . Here in Novosibirsk are expensive worse and for officials spend more. We in salaries lose to them. Everywhere there are pluses and minuses.

Oleg Bober, the teacher:

- in general, very well the perfect marchioness! In our country it is easier, when you do not know that occurs actually. And if it nevertheless it was possible - to relax and take pleasure better. Nerves will be more whole.