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In Lipetsk the schoolboy has died during game in football

On Wednesday, on September, 9th, in the field of school 70 Lipetsks the next game of tournament of domestic commands has taken place. The match passed after lessons. Nearby 16. 30 at the very beginning of a meeting Andrey felt badly and hardly has not fainted. It have laid on a bench at an edge of a field and have called fast . According to eyewitnesses, the trainer and organizers of tournament before arrival of physicians tried to render to the guy first aid, but their efforts have appeared vain. By the time of arrival neotlozhki heart of the schoolboy did not fight any more.  

- Neither 70 - I, nor 25 - I schools had no relation to a passing match, - at once has declared Anna Shamaeva, the chairman of city department of education . - Therefore any special commission for investigation of causes of death of the schoolboy in department it will not be created.

- At school on a state of health Andrey concerned preparatory group. At lessons of physical culture it received the minimum loadings, - 25 Galina Arhipov has told the principal. - though after study any more one year he visited football section detsko - the youthful centre.

to Receive from workers of the centre Dialogue comments as in their command there was a schoolboy who had restrictions on employment by physical culture on a state of health, yet it was not possible. Check upon death of the seventh-grader now is spent by investigatory department of October area of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Lipetsk region.

- heart troubles could become the Possible cause of death of the schoolboy. For an establishment of all circumstances of death   it is required about ten days, - Galina Karlina, a press - the secretary of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia across the Lipetsk region has informed .

- it is not excluded that tragedy - display so-called a syndrome of sudden children`s death rate - the doctor - pediatrist Sergey Popov has assumed. Is there can be a sudden death from respiratory standstill it would seem the healthy child. And frequently even opening does not allow to establish a cause of death. In most cases the syndrome is called by failures in functioning of nervous system. First of all, the departments which are responsible for breath and work of heart.