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To Kemerovo there has arrived the German writer who has written the novel about shorskoj to the beauty

Yesterday to Kuzbas within the limits of the Siberian tour there has arrived known German writer Michael Ebmajer. We already wrote about its novel Cold keys which has made the present furore in Europe. The author has heard the Song of a she-wolf known shorskoj singers Chyltys. Throat singing has so amazed the German that it has arrived to Kuzbas. Week of dialogue has turned to 300 pages of a love story of German Matiasa Blejelja to perfect shorskoj to singer Ak - the Auction. It is clear that our Chyltys became a prototype of the heroine of the novel.

Having acquainted Europeans with the creation, Michael, on its expression, has carried the novel home that is to Siberia. Its tour has begun on September, 2nd with Krasnoyarsk. Then there was Novosibirsk and Tomsk. Michael goes with Chyltys - he reads the novel, and she sings. Everywhere them met with the big delight. And here, at last, Kemerovo.

is a great happiness that I have arrived, - smiling, Michael speaks. - I with pleasure walk on a city. I very much love old architecture, I can not admire your houses, their pleasant orange colour.  

In Siberia it is cold and terrible  

- In Germany an unfair picture of Siberia. At all of us think that here it is always cold. Germans do not understand, how here it is possible to live, and, the main thing, what for. Think that Kemerovo - a grey and unfriendly city. But it not so. It is surprisingly beautiful. Many colours. And more I will necessarily tell in Germany what at you remarkable children`s playgrounds in court yard, and I will demand that at us were same.

Michael abides lost in admiration from a city. It was amazed with the Kemerovo traffic lights.

- Orange svetofornaja a mast with a spiral it is unusually beautiful. In other cities of Russia such too is, but at you looks as - that on - especial.

He tries to see and learn as much as possible. Photographs much. In last trip has made more than hundred shots of a kind through the bridge, a decline over the river, factories.

- the Sun leaving in factories, it is simple volshebno.  

Destiny Cold keys  

In Europe the novel left in considerable circulation, Europeans on hurrah assort it in the book. And here destiny Cold keys in Russia it is not solved yet. Thanks to translator Nina Beskrovnyh the novel exists now and in Russian. Here only to publish it it does not turn out yet. By the way, there was an idea to picturize Cold keys . With it too while it is clear nothing.

- It would be good to shoot a film, - the German smiles. - now one producer firm has already got the rights. But to speak about something concrete still early. It can turn out nothing.  

the Mystical novel  

the Novel Cold keys has left the trace in life of everyone who concerned its creation. Michael became known in Russia, for Nina is the its first transfer which has become such known. And here the novel has affected life of Chyltys misticheski.

- At me now in life the same novel what is described in Cold keys - mysteriously smiling, the singer speaks. Judging by shine in eyes, the novel develops perfectly.  

the novel Plot has repeated in the mystical image in destiny of Chyltys.