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Why omichi should pay for the lift if do not use it?!

- I live in 9 - etazhke on the second floor. All tenants of first two floors pay for the lift though it do not use, moreover and at the rate of the apartment areas! The management company monthly takes for this service of 130 roubles. Now in the house lifts change - I should pay 1 more and #12288; 460 roubles! At me all it does not go in! ZHilishchniki refer to any decisions. Why I should pay for service which actually I do not receive?!

V.Ulyanov, the inhabitant of the house on Pushkin`s street, 140

the edition Comment:

- the Decision that all inhabitants living in the house with the lift, should pay its work, deputies of the City Council have accepted in the end of 2007. Then it has done a lot of noise, argued about it long. But since January, 1st, 2008 the decision has come into force.

At acceptance of the inconsistent decision following arguments sounded.

Lifts enter into the general property of the house, as well as a cellar and a roof. And for the same repair of a roof pay not only inhabitants of the top floors. Even owners of the shops located in uninhabited premises of high-rise buildings as absurdly it sounds, should pay for work of lifts. Under the Housing code the general property of the house concerns all proprietors of premises without an exception.