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In Kemerovo the music school

has lighted up - you do not represent, what here a huge fire! - the reader living opposite to the central musical children`s school 1 assured us. - something Burns on the top floors, the smoke from open windows and brings down. Many fire-engines have come in large numbers. Street Red have blocked.

The devil is not so terrible as he is painted. Here this by-word approaches as well as possible. Inhabitants of the next houses have been simply assured that at music school a fire, and actually fire as that there and was not.

the Photo: Maxim KISELYOV

- One of these days under the decision of city administration the part of premises has been passed architecture department, - 1 Inna Kudryashov has explained a situation the director of musical children`s school . - they just did repair to move. Welding works in the evening were conducted, and the spark has got to a cellar where the requisite was stored is information - dosugovogo the centre which has started to decay. A smoke has tightened in ventilating mine. On it the unpleasant smell has extended on all building. He can be felt and now when you come into a premise.

- Firemen were called by workers, - have told in a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Kemerovo region. - experts have extinguished a decaying requisite of minute for 4. And it was not necessary even to involve technics. Have managed one fire extinguisher. The music school premise concerns the category of buildings which are included into the category of the raised rank. Therefore there a technics considerable quantity has been pulled together. In this case - 9 units.

Fortunately, at the moment of smoke blanketing of pupils at music school was not. Workers and not numerous personnel were evacuated quickly. As a result all damage is the scorched requisite on the area about 5 square metres.

- it is strange, but in a cellar together with a requisite books and newspapers lay, their fire at all has not touched, - one of employees has told is information - dosugovogo the centre. - the escaped subjects have transported in a recreation centre of miners.