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The doctor « the Geneva cross » has not got under court for death of the patient

Consideration of action of proceeding concerning the doctor - surgeon BSP of Paul Gershtejna accused under article death Causing on imprudence one of these days it has been stopped under the agreement of parties.
we will remind that hockey player Igor Portkin has died on November, 26th, 2007 in resuscitation of the Vladimirskiy city hospital of first aid (see for August, 22nd, 2009). Before it it already lay in BSP. The sportsman have brought there on fast with a belly-ache. To it have appointed gastroskopiju, but the guy did not want to be surveyed, itself has removed a probe endoskopa. Having lain week, Igor has autocratically left hospital. But in two days of the hockey player in BSP again delivered first aid . It was accepted by a brigade on duty. Have put a dropper. The status worsened. Have translated in resuscitation. In the morning on November, 26th Igor Portkin has died. Medical - supervisory commission BSP has found out defects in carrying out of its treatment. To surgeon Gershtejnu reprimand has been declared.
Igor`s parents were converted into Office of Public Prosecutor as have been from the very beginning assured that Igor became a victim of a ridiculous medical error that it nedoobsledovali owing to what in time have not performed operation.

the Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges concerning the surgeon of Paul Gershtejna. Under the law to it threatened till three years of prison with right deprivation to occupy medical posts. Investigation has begun. Inspectors collected demonstrative base long and scrupulously - they had to understand medical subtleties, to appoint some difficult examinations.

on August, 18th, 2009 business on charge of Paul Gershtejna has been passed in October district court of a city of Vladimir. But proceeding has not taken place.

Mum 26 - summer hockey player HK Vladimir Igor Portkina which passed on business as the representative of the victim, has submitted the petition for the termination of criminal case concerning Paul Gershtejna. She has explained that the doctor has compensated to it moral harm.