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eks - prefect SAO relaxed for another`s bill

On business eks - the prefect of Northern district of capital the consequence proceeds. For
official SKP of Russia undertook after its resignation in January of this year. But
criminal case under article excess of powers it is investigated till now.

Yesterday inspectors have again visited prefecture SAO. They even have interrogated on
to this business of new prefect SAO of Oleg Mitvolja.

we Will remind last autumn Yury Hardikov has not organised the tender into place
seminar carrying out. In September, 2007 it has taken out subordinated to it
officials in Arthur - Spa-HOTEL . Arranged for them on the nature sports
competitions, colourful salutes, smart banquets, even performance
ensemble has organised! All it - in 15 kilometres from Moscow, with a glamour for the sake of
one - rallyings of collective of adherents. Hardikov even drove
subordinates parovozikom behind itself on logs to develop
coordination. But for what such unity?

Rest of collective Hardikov to hotel has not paid.
the prefect has simply written the letter of guarantee to a hotel management, having promised for
service of 1,3 million roubles. But money for abiding has not listed.
the hotel management has brought an action against officials.

Then one of officials of prefecture was converted into Open Company the Trading house
Northern with the request to liquidate a debt. The trading house has listed them. Important
to notice that the management of the Trading house was not converted into Office of Public Prosecutor
(the information which we have informed before that part that Open Company management
the Trading house Northern it was converted into Office of Public Prosecutor does not correspond
to the validity, for what   the author of a material   brings to Open Company collective Trading
to the house Northern Apology).
However, similar rest of officials became a subject of attention of employees
investigating bodies.